About Luka Tatsujo

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog: Luka’s Notebooks! My name is Luka Tatsujo and I am here to bring you the creations that goes on inside my head! This blog is mostly used for my story work, but I may occasionally post a small thought about a topic on my mind or might just be venting. But either way, I hope you enjoy what I put!

On a normal day to day basis, I’m either spending my time stuck at my day job, face first staring at a screen playing video games or watching cartoons, or lost somewhere in my favorite anime and manga series. I’m also a heavy daydreamer, so I’m always switching between focusing on what’s actually in front of me and trying to visualize a scene in my head. I often get a lot of inspiration from all of my hobbies, so I’m always tempted to begin multiple projects at once. However, I try to limit myself to roughly three or four various stories so that I won’t have a pile of unfinished stories.

So, I would like to apologize a head of time if my posts don’t come out so rapidly as most would like! I usually post responses to daily prompts to help at least fill in gaps between story postings, so keep a look out for those too.

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And if you’re ever curious about what goes on during my daily life, you can always follow my Twitter account or even send me an email. Just head over to the Contact Luka page and you’ll get the info you need.

Once again, thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you find something you’ll like!