100 Word Story – Bullet

A bullet past near me, grazing me across the side of my eye—if it was a few centimeters more to the left, I would have surely been blind in my eye. However, I knew Ming wasn’t that shallow of a person.

I changed the frequency of my headset and went to the one she was on, “Why did you miss on purpose?”

Through the headset I could hear the sound of an empty shell being ejected from her rifle. Her voice was calm when she replied, “I was making sure I was calibrated properly.”

“Don’t miss the next one.”

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100 Word Story – Buried

I left the shovel stuck into the dirt, letting my foot rest on one of the edges. I unrolled the sleeves of my blouse, ignoring the red strains and dirt caking my palms. I took a moment to look over the last few hours of my work, realizing the striking pain in my spine.

I could hear my entire back crack free of stress when I leaned back, “Jesus, that felt great.”

I brought my chest back up, fixing my posture, and looked at the dirt in front of me. I still had work to finish: hiding my husband’s grave.

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100 Word Story – Approach

Something was behind me, I could feel its hot breath hitting the back of my neck as it groaned. Its cold, clammy hand rested on my shoulder, I could feel a faint, irregular heartbeat coming from the palm. We both stood still for a moment. From my years of traveling I easily recognized the sensation, so I was rather surprised when the thing didn’t make an attempt on my life.

I didn’t bother turning around when I spoke, “What do you want, you living undead?”

When it spoke its voice was raspy and struggled forming words, “C-C-Come with me, S-Silvana.”

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Legends of the Dark: Child at Play (Part Four)

Now was the time I had to decide what my next plan of action would be. From the way things were going, it was starting to become obvious that Melissa couldn’t go back to being a normal girl, that she was no longer a normal human.

I had to see her in a new, darker kind of aspect. I started to have twisted thoughts as she was twisting her body back into place. There were so many things that didn’t make sense, but it didn’t matter right now.

Right now, I had to save myself. 

Looking at the door was a mistake. When I looked back at the tree, Melissa was gone.

My eyes scanned every leaf on that tree, keeping a lookout for the slightest of movement. Everything remained still.

Whoever Melissa was beforehand, that little-girl identity, no longer existed. In its place was a monster trapped inside the body of a child.

100 Word Story – News

A real reporter would never do what I am about to do. My journalistic integrity is completely in question by doing this, but my morals are telling me to take this as far as possible—the desire to make the most out of this situation and prolong it as much as possible.

“Please, please, just let me go! I-I swear I won’t tell the police!” he cried. He shook his arms with ferocity, begging for me to remove the shackles.

I brought the axe over my head, lining up the shadow with his leg, “Not yet. You’re my money maker.”

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100 Word Story – Parents

I am never going to be one of them, even if it drives me to insanity. No matter how much they try and force me to meld into their twisted and wicked mindset, I could never understand why they found so much joy out of what they did.

Bodies being ripped limb by limb, organs being harvested and collected, even heads exploding just to watch them pop. Every time I was forced to witness such events I threw up my food from earlier in the day.

I vowed to never follow in my parents’ footsteps, I’ll stop them by myself.

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October/November Note – 11/6/2018

October/November Note – 11/6/2018

Hey, everybody. It’s Luka T. How have you all been the last few weeks? How was your Halloween night? Did any of you take your children, or younger family members, out for candy in costumes? I went to a Halloween party thrown by my job, but it was also a Going-Away party for one of my co-workers. Lots of alcohol, ridiculous outfits, and bittersweet words took over the entire night. But enough about work. Let me get to the heart of this Monthly Note.

As it’s clearly been seen, the number of posts I’ve been uploading took a sharp dip over the last three weeks. And, as much as I hate myself for saying this, I didn’t fulfill my promise of doing Spooktober, which I’m heavily sorry for not doing. October was a… hard month for me. Not in terms of financial status, or something devastating occurring in my life. For most of the month, my body was just so mentally tired and physically exhausted from working and balancing a social life, that I burned myself out of writing for a little bit. So, more or less, I took an abrupt and unannounced hiatus to help recharge. That entire time, I put a pause on all ongoing projects, so I am backed up on work to do. I have done small writing things here and there during it, but nothing too major that I necessarily want to post—I’ll be taking some time soon to sort through it all and see if there’s anything I want to expand on.

For the next two months, I’ll be much busier at work since the holiday season is rapidly closing in. What I want to do is, even if I can’t update the major projects on a regular basis, I want to keep the 100 Word Story posts still going, to at least give you guys something new to read, even if it’s only a few seconds to help you kill some time. Also, a quick update on the website change. I’ve decided that I’ll roll out the new layout once the new year starts, sort of like a fresh start to a brand new year of works to come. Patreon most likely won’t be happening soon as well, so don’t worry about that. And in case anybody is worried, no, I’m not feeling discouraged about giving up writing recently. I can assure you of that. Recently, my job has found me much more reliable to help getting tasks done, so I’m often just mentally burnt out every day after work, so I tend to unwind by just turning off my brain and playing games until its time to go to sleep. And on my off days, I’ve been lounging around, either catching up on much needed sleep, or staring at my T.V. all day. I’m not making excuses for my lack of stories, because that’s unfair to so many of you faithful readers. I really appreciate every single person who takes the time out of their day to read the things I put out, whether it’s the quick 100 Word stories, or the longer chapter and episodic stories. I really mean that, and I thank you all.

But, don’t let me get too sappy. I don’t want to stain my laptop with some salty tears. I figured I’d use this post to give you guys a brief update on how thing’s are going. Like always, if you’re ever curious about things in my life, or just want to ask questions, you can always email me. I’d love to hear from you guys!

100 Word Story – Ghostly Investigation

I had just four days remaining, and I’ve barely made any progress since the last update. Nakamura went away on his business trip, but he left behind a few noteworthy places that I could float around for more clues. The only bad part is now I have to possess somebody entirely different—a complete stranger.


Just the thought of it made me feel guilty about my newly acquired talents. I’ve taken possession of Nakamura only three times, but he was willing to do it. But regardless, I had to do it.

I needed to find out who killed me.

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100 Word Story – One-Sided Love

It wasn’t meant to be. He was such a loving and caring man, making sure that all of my needs were satisfied whether it was buying minor trinkets of affection, performing small deeds to make me happy, or just constantly professing his affection. Honestly, it wasn’t enough.

I wanted to see how his anger could take control.

He would always walk out of the room and start screaming at the top of his lungs whenever he’d get too heated about a topic. Little did he know that I would intentionally bring up certain topics to see his cheeks flush red.

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Legends of the Dark: Child at Play (Part Three)

This was going to be my end, right here in this bush behind the school yard. I could imagine the news headlines the day after they find my body: Young Teacher Unidentifiable Due to Missing Face, Eaten Alive.

This bush wasn’t going to let me go anytime soon. These small twigs were prodding me all over, making it more and more painful to move around. My arms were getting weak from supporting myself up. Melissa kept her eyes on me, and I didn’t want to look back.

If I did, all I would see is the bloody face of a monster.

My face would have probably shredded apart with ease if those fangs dug into me. I forced that graphic thought out of my mind—I had to focus on trying to get out of the bush, and away from her.

Mouth salivating and getting onto her feet Melissa let out a loud, blood-curdling growl and leaped up into the tree.

100 Word Story – Medical

I am awake, but I don’t feel anything, was all I could think at the time. My lips wouldn’t move no matter how much I wanted them to; my mouth made no sound whatsoever. The only thing I could hear was my panicking heartbeat and the rapid inhales and exhales from my nose. I rolled my eyes down as far as I could to see what was happening.

There was a flashing light beaming in my eyes, slowly traveling down until it faded out. Behind it was a silver surgical tool—a scalpel.

I couldn’t move.

But the surgeon could.

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100 Word Story – Power Tools

We were finally done—Marcel took off his face mask. There was a fine line between where the splatter reached his face and how everything just below his nose was still untouched. His eyes looked at the massacre on the table then at me.

His hands were still shaking violently even after dropping the buzz saw, “Okay, it’s your turn. Go get the bag and clean up.”

My body was stuck on the other side of the room, refusing to move. I kept shaking my head, tears flooding out of my eyes.

“We just chopped up a guy’s dead body!”

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