Contact Luka

Hello there! Interested in trying to get in contact with me or learn more about me? Well, you came to the right page just for that!

The main way I can be contacted is through my email:

I typically have my alarm set for whenever I receive a new email, so feel free to drop me one whenever you have a question or just want to say Hi! If you’re a fan and want to express your feelings about something I’ve posted, fan mail is always appreciated! I will try to reply as soon as possible.

If you want to take a peek into my daily life and thoughts, follow me on Twitter: @Tatsuki_Ruruka

We’ve also upgraded and finally have a Facebook page that you guys can follow if you’d like: Luka Tatsujo

I try to use it whenever I feel like doing a stupid ramble about something on my mind, or just to mention things going on about my life. If you use Twitter, feel free to follow and send me a message to say “Hello!” I also post links to new posts on here, so you’ll still be notified when new things are ready to read!

If I make any new social media pages, I will update this page so you guys can stay informed!

Thank you!