Crawling in the Attic

Being able to relax after a long day at work is one of the best things in the world. Dealing with customers constantly complaining about something, and then having to file reports in a tiny cubical all day easily tires a person out, especially after doing it for months on end. The feeling of kicking off your heels, letting down your hair and changing out of the typical black and white business attire and into some pajamas. That’s a feeling that can’t be beat.

Every day right after work, I run upstairs to the bedroom and greet Samantha with a big kiss on her forehead before I get comfortable in my home clothes, usually a matching blue and yellow pajama set with a tank top. We spend some time together for a bit and chat about our day before heading downstairs to the living room to watch television or game around for a bit.

Kicking off my heels and putting them next to the door for tomorrow, I let out a loud sigh as I walk down the hallway and into the living room. The television is muted, but on, so I pick up the remote and quickly change channels to find something to watch. I’m much more exhausted than normal, so all I do is unbutton the top of my white blouse to make it more comfortable laying down on the couch.

With Samantha out of sight, I call out to her, “Samantha! Samantha!”

Normally, Sam comes running to me like a sick puppy. She’s the clingy type, but that’s what makes her cute and adorable. After waiting for a few seconds, I call out to her again but don’t get any response.

“She probably went to go get groceries, ” I assume. Sam talked about getting more stuff for the fridge the night before, so it makes sense as to why she’s not showing up. I lay my head down on one of the arm rests of the couch and stretch out, closing my eyes and letting my mind space out to the sound of the television.

“I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if I took a quick nap.”

I take a deep breath and exhale from my mouth, putting me at ease. Just as I can feel myself slipping into a melting away from comfort, I hear a blood curdling scream coming from the second floor of the house, “It’s Sam! Sam, you okay?!”

Why is she screaming like that? Did we get robbed and is she held as a hostage? Did she break her leg and she couldn’t get up to call me? So many different scenarios play out in my head as I spring up from the couch, heading head first into whatever awaits me upstairs.


That was definitely Sam’s voice screaming for me; chills fire off through my veins as I climb the stairs to the second floor hallway. At the end of it, I see Samantha trembling. The pull-down steps that lead into the attic are down, Did something happen in the attic?

I run up to Samantha and grab her, pulling her into a tight hug, trying to comfort her. Even with me hugging her, Samantha’s trembling keeps going; somebody or something must be in the attic.

“Sam, are you alright?” I ask with a worried tone.

Samantha keeps her eyes laser focused on the opening to the attic, her voice cracking a bit, “T-T-T-There’s s-something in th-th-the attic!”

“What’s in the attic? Did a raccoon somehow sneak inside and made a nest?”

Samantha quickly shakes her head. She looks at me; her eyes are a bit bloodshot as if she was crying for a little bit. Her face is scrunched up with a small puff in her cheeks.

“Did something pop out of a box?”

Samantha shakes her head again. Seeing my girlfriend like this is worrying me more and more the longer she stays quiet. I try and guess again at what’s worrying her, “Did something move on its own?”

“I saw a spider crawling on the floor!”

… A spider? That’s it?

Suddenly, all of my worry vanishes from my body, leaving behind a deep sense of disappointment. As Samantha clings onto me, burring her face in my chest, I look down at her with a low brow glare.

“A spider, crawling on the floor? That’s it?”

Samantha nods, her face still in my chest. Her words are muffled, “It was small and creepy and crawled into a small corner of the attic!”

I put my hands on my hips, still keeping my glare on her, “What were you doing up in the attic in the first place?”

“Spring cleaning.”

Trying to act innocent, Samantha looks up at me, wide eyed with half of her face still in my chest. Those emerald green, jewel-like eyes shine in my face. All I can do is chuckle and lightly pat her on the head. She giggles and holds onto me tighter.

I smile when I continue the topic, “Your whole dilemma was nothing but a spider. Most spiders found in a house are harmless.”

“So? They got eight legs and they look weird walking around. But I really want to finish cleaning up there…”

“Want me to get the bug spray?”

“That’s the only way I’m going back up there; that bug spray’s gonna be my weapon of mass destruction.”

I chuckle a bit before breaking away from Samantha, “Let me go change first.”

She’s such a drama queen. 

via Daily Prompt: Dilemma Dilemma

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