Tag: Violence

Legends of the Dark: Ghoulish Suffering

We got so far in this place. We’re just almost out of here. Only a few for flights and we would have made it out.

But Rodriguez, he’s… he’s like this all because of me. If I wasn’t so careless, he wouldn’t have gotten hurt. And now, he’s going to die because of me.

I can’t do this. I just cant.

“Listen to me. You need… to go. The door won’t hold.”

Even at a distance the dying and decrepit features were easily in sight. As the groaning grew louder it seemed they were starting to ram the doors instead of just trying to push them open. The wood started to crack and splinter.

100 Word Story – Knocked Out

Waking up from a deep sleep was never really appealing to me. Sure, it’s nice that you feel well rested after enough hours of sleep, but it’s always a hassle waking up from such a peaceful sleep; sometimes, you’ll go back to sleep to get that feeling of pure bliss back.

But what about forcibly knocking somebody out in order to get them to cooperate? Is it still considered “sleeping” if they’re passed out for eight hours?

I leaned over the man’s face, inches away to hear his calm breaths of slumber. At least, that’s what I expected to hear.

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