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100 Word Story – Velvet Sights

“Is this working now?”

“It better fukin’ work. It took damn near a month for the repairs to finish and another week to send it back.”

With her rifle in hand Aurora rapidly dismantled it down to expose the inner workings and placed a small blue jewel inside a small engraving. She put it back together and aimed down the scope, focusing on a dummy made of hay at least two hundred meters away.

Holding her breath to keep steady, the barrel of the rifle started to glow an unnatural velvet blue. She could feel the magic surging through it.

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100 Word Story – Naval Approach

These ships at the coast, they don’t belong here. They’re all docked down at the harbor, their flags drawn all the way down, making it harder to tell which faction they sailed from. We already secured our monthly supply of rations, meds, and munitions last week, and from our current number of troops we may be able to give out second rounds.

The thing is: we get our supplies from the Norther Alliance, we’re at war with the Duke of Nastradan in the west, and our fatherland borders the south and east.

Who the hell came in on those ships?

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100 Word Story – Honor in War

It was a beautiful thing, the way it swayed in the golden morning light. The breeze made it seem like it was moving of its own free will, that it was able to act like a living thing. Just watching it made me feel relaxed deep down in my soul; it felt nostalgic in all of the right places.

It was finally over. We had fought a long, tiring battle. Now was the time when we could all return home or take the chance to try and live in our new land.

Seeing our flag raised was truly a sight.

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100 Word Story – Motion

Time was passing slowly, everything seeming like it was flash frozen in place. I was able to reach out and tap a bird in mid-descent. If it was still in full motion, it would have surely swooped down and hit me in the side of my head with its yellow beak.

Its wings were suspended like it was being held up by razor thin wiring. I poked it in its eye but it didn’t react even in the slightest. I started to focus on the city streets, people and cars completely motionless.

That’s when I knew I could stop time.

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Across the Table – Session One

Alexandria didn’t have much of a choice when she was waiting at the table. The entire room was a bit small, but much larger than what she was already use to. The only thing that could have made it better was having some windows to let some light in.

A woman slowly entered the room and took a seat in the chair on the other side of the table, a small smile on her face.

So this was the woman Alexandria was forced to see from now on?

100 Word Story – Change

She helped me a lot. There were days where I called her over for the most trivial things that I could easily do myself just so I could look at her. Through all of it she would have that warm, glowing smile on her face. Last time, she came by to help me prepare a new dish for dinner; she ended up cooking the entire thing.

After that night, I knew what kind of person I wanted to become: somebody others can rely on. But now, I’ll never get the chance to tell her that.

I already miss my sister.

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July Note – 7/24/2018

July Note – 7/24/2018

Hey, everybody. How’s your summer in July been? Went out to the pool and splashed around? Slept under the sun and got a nice sun tan (or sunburn if  you have fair skin?) My own summer has been rather… boring. Nothing but work outside during the heatwave, feeling light-headed under the blazing sun, and having breathing problems form the hot air. But enough about me walking through Hades and back: time for the monthly update!

Now let me start off by saying I’m sorry about not posting so much during July. Most of the stuff I’ve put have been the 100 Word Story things, which is now a new collection I want to do. I’ve also been steadily updating Don’t You Remember, which I do plan on finishing. I’ve just been so tired from work that I’ve just been barely typing up stories to post on the site. I’ve been hand-writing a lot of things, so I’m sure I have a few short thing you guys may like. I just need to spend a day or two typing everything up and making them all look pretty. So, yeah, I’m sorry for the lack of content so far.

Now, onto the major updates. I’m still planning on reworking the tabs and sidebar of the website. I’m thinking about making most of the stories and works be categorized by genre. The only exception to that rule will be series or collections that have multiple chapters, such as Alex and Sam’s Daily Life. I’ve also thought about bringing back Legends of the Dark, so look out for that as well. I’m just thinking about how I should categorize something as a series, like should it be at least five chapters long or three? Just the minor details.

Another update I’m thinking about is setting up a Pateron. I’m a but skeptical about this because I’ve been free-to-read ever since I started the website two years ago. If I do make one, it’ll probably be completely difference series that won’t be posted here, or it may just be bonus scenes for certain stories. I have’t really thought about it, but I want your guys input on the idea.

Final topic is: that’s it. Those are really the two things I wanted to focus on. I’ve been writing a lot offline and just need to spend a day typing things up. I’m also trying to decide what stories I want up. I have dozens of ideas to write out, and many of them seem to be dozens of chapters long, which would only make it longer for me to share them with you guys. Which actually brings up an important question:

Would you guys rather have chapters and stories be posted as soon as they’re finished and possibly wait some time for the next one, or would you rather wait for a bit and then have multiple chapters released at a steady pace? 

Think about that and let me know your thoughts. Feel free to comment or email me directly; I would love to hear form you guys!

100 Word Story – One Shot

A gunshot. That’s all I heard. There was no screaming, no groaning, no cries of pain or suffering. As much as I didn’t want to admit it, the sound of only a gunshot was the best solution to all of this. It would have only been a matter of time where we wouldn’t have a choice but to shoot him.

Andrea came back from around the corner, her head hanging low with a look of defeat. There was more blood on her jacket than before—some of it must have been Jared’s. She walked pass me without saying a word.

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100 Word Story – Love

A love has many meanings. Most tend to say love is about finding another person or being and having a growing passion and desire for them, wanting to see them improve themselves while creating an intimate bond. Love can also be wanting to raise something up and protect it as it goes through life, experiencing everything it’s capable of accomplishing.

For me, love is that burning feeling I get whenever somebody’s world crumbling is at their feet, tears raining down like a heavy cloud up above. I can’t help but smile at somebody’s suffering.

Isn’t pain so lovely to see?

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Don’t You Remember? (Part Three) [18+]

It’s been a while since I spoke to Toni. I haven’t even hit her up just to see how she’s been the last few days. Although, if I did hit her up now, knowing how she’s been wouldn’t exactly be the main reason.

We both went out that night together, and I still haven’t had anything new come to mind since then. The only real thing I remember was the name of the club and waiting for her to show up. Nothing after that. She must remember something to help me jog my memory back.

I’m just afraid that I might have done something extremely stupid. I mean, I already woke up in another woman’s bed, so I don’t think it can possibly get any worse than that. 

I caught Toni rolling her eyes and drinking more wine, “I swear, you two always sound so lovely-dovey together. It’s almost annoying to me.”

I couldn’t help but to snap back like she does, “If you kept a man, you would understand the whole lovey-dovey thing.”

“Which reminds me, how did that night go?”

“Which night?”

“The night we went out to the club. Don’t tell me you already forgot?”

100 Word Story – Plans

This was not what I hoped for. I played out this scenario countless time in my head, both while I was alone and whenever the gang got together to talk about the flaws. We planned out everything into the ground, at least a dozen times at a bare minimum.

We all knew our roles, which tools to have on us, and the entire layout of the bank like the back of our hands. We found out the shift rotation hours, we learned how to deal with hostages, everything.

But I never expected to see my own son as a hostage.

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100 Word Story – Interrogation

So far, it is going great. I had originally prepared myself for some kind of intense interrogation, thinking of some answers to questions beforehand, but they’ve been acting really nice and not threatening to me. At least, not yet. Sometimes things going too smoothly is a bad thing.

“So, Eric,” Mrs. Hudson begins, “What’s Henrietta’s best trait about her?”

My honest answer is to talk about how big her boobs are, but I don’t think her mother would like that. Instead, I’ll just say, “She knows how to make people laugh with her cheesy puns.”

Mrs. Hudson smiles. Right answer.


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