Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 1. Punish the Underhanded Merchant

There are certain actions that can only be performed during the hours when the sun is in the sky. With the sun, comes a warm and bright glow, illuminating everything down below, making it harder for shadows to move around. However, they’re still there when needed. Once night falls and the moon rises, those who move as shadows are able to move with speed and skill, avoiding the human eye. Tonight is no exception.

Night has fallen and the skies are perfectly clear; the stars in the sky fill its emptiness. A gentle breeze travels through the walkway of the small town, blowing fallen leaves and dead brush along the dirt ground. Although this village is a major stop for travelers during the day, barely a soul is traveling through at this time of night. Men, women, and children are huddled in their homes for the night. With a large, high constructed wall enclosing the town, one would feel protected as they pass through the red archways for business. However, hidden from the eyes of the towns people, two shadows calmly wait on top of the wall.

Standing tall on his feet, arms folded across his chest, one shadow overlooks the entire village. Even with the cover of the night sky, he still wears his usual garb; a dark brown hakama with matching gi top and a thin chain mail body suit underneath. His unnaturally silver hair is short and lightly blows from the breeze. The lower half of his face is covered by a thin black cloth, but the scar over his right eye is clearly visible. The sheathed ninjato along his back quietly awaits its purpose, but the man begins talking to the crouched shadow next to him, his voice deep, but clear.

“You remember what we’re here to do?”

Crouching and looking down a pathway between a row of houses, the woman shadow doesn’t reply. Her gaze is focused, not even taking a glance at her partner. The black hakama she has on blows in the wind and the metal buckle she wears has a slight glimmer to it. Her top is a matching black and sleeveless, wearing lightly padded arm sleeves that reach to her elbows. Her hair is divided into two bangs, one on each side of her face, and has a small ponytail that spreads out into every direction. She reaches back and puts one of her hands on her dual kodachi tided behind her hips.

“Somebody’s coming this way. He’s mine.”

Down below along the path, a lone villager walks through, their sandals clicking against the pebbles with every step. Dressed in a dark blue yukata, hair pulled back into a small ponytail, the villager stops at the end of the path and observes the area.

Ready to make a move, the female shadow brandishes her swords and waits. Her partner continues to overlook the town, “You remember our target location?”

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