Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 2. Rescue the Captive Maiden

“We’ll get there when we get there, so keep moving.”

The guard pushes the woman with the sheath for his blade, making her stumble a few steps forward before falling onto her knees. She manages to put her hands out and catch herself, but she stay on the ground without even looking back; her hands slowly search along the ground.

“I didn’t even push you that hard. Get back up!”

The guard walks up to the woman and hovers over her; the woman finds what she was looking for and stops moving. As the guard reaches down to pull her up, the woman suddenly picks herself up and turns around, clutching a rock in her hand. She brings the rock down, slamming it on top of the guard’s foot; the rock breaks the skin, down to the bone, causing a loud cracking sound to happen. The guard drops down into one knee, letting out a cry of pain. With a chance to get away, the woman rushes back onto her feet and starts running deeper down the path. The guard looks up and watches her get away.

“Damn it, you’re gonna regret doing that!”

Trying to push his pain aside, the guard stumbles onto his feet; he leans on one side with a terrible limp, blood trickling down the side of his foot. He hobbles as he tries to catch up to the woman.

After the guard and the woman traveled more into the forest, Rikimaru comes from around the corner and walks over to where they were standing. He looks at the ground and sees a small trail of blood in the snow.

* * * * *

Breaking through the forest and into a clearing, the woman continues to try and escape from her pursuer. When she reaches the clearing, a small area of forest is cut down, giving way to a few small huts and shacks. At the furthest end of the clearing, there’s a single floor building, possibly some kind of resting area. She runs into the middle of the clearing, but her foot ends up slipping on a patch of ice, making her crash down into the snow. She lands on her hip, hitting against a small pile of rocks buried under the snow. Screeching out from the sudden surge of pain, she rolls onto her back, her hands grabbing onto her hip.

She sits up a bit and sees the guard catching up to her, still limping. He picks up the pace, seeing the woman on the ground.

“Please, just let me go!”

The woman tries to crawl away, dragging herself through the snow. No matter how hard she tries to pull herself through, the frigid environment makes her body tighten up from the cold. Before she can make it far, the guard catches up to her. He reaches down and grabs the woman by her ankle.

“I’ll make sure the boss knows you tried to escape. He’ll make sure you get what’s coming to you.”

Using all of her strength to try and kick her way free, the woman screams and shouts as she tries to defend herself. The guard moves down grab the woman, but gets assaulted by a fury of kicks to his chest. He releases his grip on the woman’s leg out of reaction. He coughs for a moment before attempting to capture the woman. A rush of footsteps dashes across the snow from behind. The guard looks back, but it was too late for him to defend himself.

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