Despair Awakening

The single row of flickering light bulbs hang from thin electrical wire barely lighting up the cramped, but long hallway; the girl can only see a few feet in front of her before having to submit to the darkness. However, she’s able to see the next approaching light bulb in the distance. Her breathing heavy, giving way to a weak cough every once in a while, she uses all of effort she can to make her way through this hallway. She has to lean up against the wall in order to keep herself upright to walk, even if it seems like a turtle’s pace. When she reaches the next flickering light, she stops for a moment to examine her current condition.

Her thin, solid color black hoodie is torn in multiple places; her entire left sleeve is ripped all the way off from her shoulder, so she can’t hide the numerous cuts and scrapes that line her arm. Her light blue faded jeans are slashed all over as if somebody or something attacked her with a razor of some sorts. Her neck length brunette hair is tossed around with a single bang hanging over her right eye; there’s blood trickling down from her head and traveling down her face.

The girl lets out a violent cough, forcing her to wince and grab at her chest. She gasps for air afterwards. She wipes the corner of her mouth before she beings to speak her thoughts.

“I’m almost there… Just a little bit further and I’ll be out…”

After hearing those lines being spoken, the girl takes a moment to reflect on the events from before. She thinks about that bloodied woman she saw getting dragged away by that… abomination. It looked like something that crawled out of a lab that performs genetic mutations on humans. Just thinking about it causes the girl to gag a bit, but she manages to hold it down.

She reaches into her back jeans pocket and pulls out a small, rusty key. It has an irregular shape, which would make anybody easily assume that it was something else besides a key. She was given that key from a man who had a strange look in his eyes, as if he was being possessed by something. His words spoke of an exit that would bring an end to the girl’s living nightmare, a way out of this strange place. However, his words didn’t have much weight at the time; he was caught red handed killing another man and gouging his eyes out. Perhaps this key leads to a trap awaiting her?

She didn’t really have much of a choice. If she turned around and went back to the room that lead to this hallway, she would surely be killed by that creature that was guarding the door; some strange, werewolf monster with the roar of a demon.

Even so far down the hallway, the girl can still hear the faint roars of the monster behind her in the distance, “It’s either I go back and get torn limb from limb, or I just take a random man’s words and get to the door.”

With her mind made up and too much distance traveled, the girl put the key back in her pocket and continues her way down the dim hallway, hoping there’s something positive awaiting her at the door. It seems like she has been walking for an eternity, but it’s all finally coming to an end; after walking for a few more minutes, she sees a large, rusted metal door at the end of the hallway. It easily shows wear and tear, like it’s been neglected for some time.

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