Despair Awakening

As she’s getting closer to the door, she can feel a small warmth coming from her pocket. She reaches in and takes the key back out; it’s glowing a bright, white light which gets stronger with every few steps she makes.

A weak, but faint smile comes to the girl’s face, “That’s a good sign, right?”

When she approaches the door, she can see the same white light coming from the keyhole on the door. She inserts the key and turns it, making the lock mechanism click a few times before the door creaks open just a bit. When she tries to get a look inside, a woman’s voice speaking.

“Somebody has opened the door to despair…”

The girl looks inside and sees a woman dressed in all white; a long, flowing dress that fans out on the floor with a matching veil over her face. Her hands are pressed together as if she’s praying. The girl pushes the door open more so she’s able to walk inside. It’s a completely empty room. No windows, no furniture, no kind of decorations along the wooden walls, just this woman standing there.

The girl expected the door to lead to some kind of an exit, like a secret door that leads into a city alley way or out of a hidden bunker in a forest. With more questions arising, the girl starts asking the woman.

“Hey. Some guy told me that this door leads to a way out of this crazy place. Is there some kind of invisible door in here?”

The woman give a small chuckle, her hands still together, “Yes, this is the exit. I take it that man told you how to get here. I’m curious, what exactly did he tell you?”

“He said that this door would get me out of this nightmare.”

The woman slowly nods her head at the answer, “That is correct. It does lead you out of this nightmare. However, he purposely left out something.”

The girl lets out a sigh, “I knew he couldn’t be trusted.”

“Oh no, do not misinterpret what I mean. That man can be trusted; I just didn’t give you the complete answer.”

The woman slowly walks towards the girl, the sound of her white high heels echoes through the room and out into the hallway. With every step, it seems that the air around them becomes more dense and gravity becomes stronger, forcing the girl onto one knee. Without any remaining strength to try and fight it, the girl quickly submits and falls to both of her knees, making it seem like she’s begging.

“W-What the hell is going on…? I can’t move on my own!”

The woman chuckles again and gently places her hand on top of the girl’s head, “Do not be afraid my child. Your nightmare is coming to an end.”

The woman in white removes her veil and lifts up the girl’s head so that they’re both looking at each other. Behind that veil was a scarred up woman’s face; her eyes both bloodshot red, her skins near translucent making all of the burnt scars and cuts on her face more noticeable. With such a gentle and soothing voice, her smile matches that of a demonic grimace.

The woman begins a strange chant; it sounds like some kind of ancient, dead language. As the chant continues, the girl’s eyes slowly lose color and becomes white all over. She can feel her conscious fading. The woman finishes the chant and removes her hand from the girl’s head, pulling the veil back down. She then speaks in the same tone.

“Your living terror is just beginning.”

— via Daily Prompt: Trust Trust

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