Rich Noir of the City

“I wish you care about the furniture as much as you cared about me. You’re still soaking wet from your shower, Suzanne.”

Fixing her towel so that he can’t get a sneak peek at anything, Suzanne crosses her legs and covers herself a bit better, tilting her head away from him, “You’re acting like you can’t afford a new couch. You are the heir to the Balder fortune. You’re so rich, you practically own the city.”

The Balder Family was the city’s most infamous family, making its money and vast amount of wealth through secret agreements with hitmen, mercenaries and paying off the city to turn a blind eye. Whenever there was another murder case in the city, there’s a possibility that whoever died had something to do with them owing the Balders. In the rarest of occasions, even city officials would turn to them for actions deemed “too dark for the general public” or “for the protection of the city’s integrity.”

As the last remaining heir and sole member left of the Balder family, Richard has the knowledge of every head leader before him, including his own father. Even though murder runs in his blood, Richard never exactly did like the actions done by his family; he knew how to give mercy on those he sought fit to receive it.

“The life of a Balder is never easy,” Richard calmly says out loud. He picks up his glass again and shakes the ice around a bit, “Every week, I hear about who gets killed before the city catches wind. Hell, almost half of the murders gets picked up by the city, and even then, only a handful of those go public. I know about everything, whether I want to or not.”

“You should be some kind of night time vigilante,” Suzanne jokes, “you certainly have the money to do it. Just imagine it: you, running across the city rooftops at night with a black cape and suit with a tactical belt at your waist, kicking people’s asses whenever you find trouble. You have a butler who keeps you informed of everything going on in the city.”

As she continues her vivid scenario, she starts to slowly crawl across the couch towards Richard, lightly clawing at his chest, “And a sexy femme fatale who always gets in his way, but might want something more to do with him.”

Hearing the fantasy put a small smile on Richard’s face, “I like the idea.”


“Yeah, but isn’t that some kind of comic book vigilante already? If I remember correctly, his name starts with a ‘B’ or somethin’ like that.”

Agitated, Suzanne swipes the drink out of Richard’s hand and chugs the rest, sitting it down on the coffee table. She folds her arms and turns away from him, “Geez, you’re a mood killer! I came out in a wet towel and everything and this is what happens?”

Laughing just a bit, Richard apologizes, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It was just so obvious what you were doing. I’ll make it up to you.”

Richard reaches out to Suzanne, but he comes to a stop when his phone starts ringing. He goes into his pocket to answer it.

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