Rich Noir of the City

“Hello? … Yeah, yeah. … Another one, huh? That’s the second one this month. Seems like somebody has something out against us. … I’ll be down there in twenty.” He hangs up and puts the phone back in his pocket.

Suzanne turns around to face Richard, “Work called again?”

“Yeah. A body washed up near the docks. It’s one of our guys again.” Richard gets up from his seat to fix his suit and tie, “I won’t be long. Just gonna see who is it and if there’s any clues as to who did this.”

The entire couch to herself, Suzanne gets comfortable and lays down, eyes focused on the television, “I’ll be right here, probably sipping some wine like always.”

Richard gives Suzanne a soft pat on her head before heading to the front door. As he opens it, two men in black suits are patiently waiting for him in the hallway.

“Right this way, Boss Balder.”

— via Daily Prompt: Fortune Fortune

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