A Woman’s Job

I can’t believe I’m about to do something like this… What would people think of me if somebody every found out?

Machiko couldn’t stop her hands from shaking violently, her hands holding onto a small paper pouch tightly between them. With every step she took traveling up the old, cricking steps, the more her nervousness became obvious; luckily, nobody was around to see her shivers. Although she’s following behind a slim figured woman, she was only focused on walking up the steps to the room where they were going.

There was barely any light in the building, except for a few dim light bulbs swaying side to side. The building itself was in good condition, except for the steps. They were purposely left this way for a specific reason.

The woman that Machiko is following asks a question. Her voice is a soft, yet has a strong, demanding tone to it, “Are you sure you want to do this? Once we start talking about prices upstairs, there’s no turning back.”

Machiko clenches the pouch in her hands, taking a deep breath to try and calm her nerves as best as she could, “Y-Yes. This… this needs to be done. And you’re the last resort that I’m willing to do…”

The woman gives a chuckle before reaching the top step, “I’m flattered. I’m always willing to help out a young teenage girl with her… ‘requests.’”

At the top of the steps rests a single wooden door, free of any marks and scratches. In the doorway is a blinding light, which the woman is standing under. The light shines down, showing her elegant black ballroom dress that sweeps to one side. White, thin pointed heels finish off the simple outfit. Her hair is short, giving her a small side-swept look over her left eye. Purple lipstick pops out against her pale skin.

She leans back against the door and looks at Machiko, “Well, here we are. You ready?”

Stopping two steps below the woman, Machiko takes off the hood from her purple zip-up sweater, revealing her blonde, shoulder length hair. She looks up at the woman and nods, “Ready.”

“Then, let’s go.”

The woman turns the doorknob and pushes the door, sending it flying wide open; I walk in and the woman follows behind me, locking the door. Machiko is a bit surprised by how the room looks.

Everything looks so modern and organized. The floors are a hardwood, but it seems like it was freshly washed down and a glaze put on top of it to seal in the natural look. The first room is a bit small, but still furnished with numerous things, so this must be the living room. At the back wall, there is a large, black desk with just a laptop on it.

2 thoughts on “A Woman’s Job

  1. An exciting idea, I like the way we feel sympathy with Machiko, but are left unsure as to whether she is a bad person doing a terrible thing, or if there are more complex motives going on. Would be a great start to a book. Happy Christmas!

    Liked by 1 person

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