A Woman’s Job

Machiko takes a moment to stand at the door and take in the beauty of the room. The woman looks back at her and taps Machiko on the shoulder to bring her back to reality, “Hey, let’s go. We’ll talk at my desk.”

The woman quickly moves to the back of the room and takes a seat in the large, swiveling chair behind the desk. She spins for a moment and then comes to a stop, putting her feet on the desk. Nervousness comes back, taking over Machiko’s body; she tries her best not to bump into anything as she’s walking through the room. When she gets to the desk, she looks at the paper pouch in her hands before putting it on top of it.

The woman moves her laptop aside and picks up the pouch, looking at the contents inside; a grim smile appears on her face, “I can tell you’ve been saving all of this for quite some time. You really want to make sure you get your money’s worth, don’t you?”

“… I wasn’t too sure about how much your services were. I even took a part-time job just to make sure I had enough. Is it?”

The woman bounces the pouch in her hand and then drops it on the desk. As she’s looking at Machiko, her smile turns from a dark grim, into a gentle smile, “It is, but I’m feeling nice tonight.” The woman goes into the pouch and takes out a small bundle of money. She unrolls it and passes a few of the bills back to Machiko, “I’ll give you a discount.”

As much as she shouldn’t let it happen, Machiko has a small smile on her face, “Thank you.”

The woman takes the rest of the money and puts it inside of the drawer, “So, what can I do for the young lady in front of me?”

“I’d… I’d like to put a hit out on my mother.”

— via Daily Prompt: Bounty Bounty

2 thoughts on “A Woman’s Job

  1. An exciting idea, I like the way we feel sympathy with Machiko, but are left unsure as to whether she is a bad person doing a terrible thing, or if there are more complex motives going on. Would be a great start to a book. Happy Christmas!

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