Woman in the Mirror (Part 1)

I don’t want to hear the words that this mad woman is spewing from her mouth. I quickly cover my ears and close my eyes, “You’re insane!”

No matter how hard I try to cover my hears, the sounds of the cracking glass makes it way to my ears. However, it comes to a sudden stop. I slowly open my eyes and get thrown into a state of pure shock. The emerald eyes of the woman have turned into a deep crimson red and her smile has turned into a look of disgust.

“Of course I’m insane. I’m you, after all.”

As soon as she finishes her words, the glass window breaks down and explodes, littering my entire office with shards. Caught right in the blast, the glass sends me flying to the other side of my office. I can feel myself crash against the wall and falling to the ground, weak and stunned.

I gasp to try and get my breath back. I manage to roll onto my back to make it a bit easier. I can barely move and my conscious is slowly fading. I can hear the sound of heels slowly approaching me. I try to open my eyes to get a look at whatever is coming to me.

“You can’t run from me anymore, Mikoto.”

Above me stands the woman from the glass. Her arms folded, she looks down at me for a moment before getting on her knees. She caresses my cheeks and lays my head on her lap. I’m completely in her control in my current state.

“Don’t be afraid to accept who you are, Mikoto. If you just accepted me as a part of you, things will be just fine. If anything, things may actually improve for you.”

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’ suddenly feel a comforting and warm sensation radiating from her. As I look up at her, I can see a gentle and loving look in her eyes. I can’t help but feel like she understands me…

“O… Okay. I’ll accept you… Mikoto.”

The woman puts on a soft smile. She leans over a bit, making our faces just a few inches away from each other. I can feel her breath blowing against my cheek. She closes her eyes as if she’s expecting me to kiss her. I instinctively close my own as she gets closer…

* * * * *

“Ms. Tanamura! Ms. Tanamura!”

I can hear somebody shouting out to me, their voice getting a bit louder. I let out a groan as I can feel myself waking up from a deep sleep. My mental state is still a bit fuzzy, but I can still realize that I’m awake. I rub my eyes as I’m speaking.

“What is it? I was taking a power nap at my desk…”

“I-I apologize for my intrusion, Ma’am. I just had to arrive immediately to show you this.”

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