Woman in the Mirror (Part 1)

I let out a yawn and shake my head, “To show me what? This better be important.”

I can hear a small folder being placed on my desk. I open my eyes and look down at it. I take another moment to make sure I’m fully awake before opening it to read its contents.

“What am I looking at?”

“These are the newest set of applicants who wanted to take part in that new experimental drug for dealing with mental disorders.”

My eyes widen as I hear his words and read the information about the applicants who were so eager to join this program, “Have you contacted them to see how soon they can begin treatment?”

“Yes, Ma’am. They all said they’re willing to being treatment as soon as next week. As usual, would you like to be the head researcher in this experiment?”

I slowly swivel around in my seat to face the window. I look up from the report and look at my reflection in the window; a sinister smile seems to be slowly appearing on my face. For a split second, my right eye flashes a crimson red.


Let the next round of “testing” commence…

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