Queen Among the People

“Thank you for praising us with your presence, Your Highness!”

“Look, Your Highness! I’ve prepared the freshest goods suited for somebody of your caliber!”

“Your Highness, you’re looking as radiant as ever today!”

All of these compliments are too commonplace nowadays whenever I decide to venture out to the town for some time. Whether it’s an arranged departure, or a spontaneous trip to leave the castle, all of the townsfolk shower me with their praise, heartfelt compliments, and warm admiration. Many would think being adored to such level would never tire out, especially for those who so desperately desire such attention. Being a queen who is constantly praised for her beauty quickly tires one out.

I haven’t gone through a single day without hearing a compliment, whether it was directly told to me, or if it was a message passed along to one of my guards from the townsfolk. For quite some time I’ve had a desire to just spend an entire day among them, without any guards around and in normal clothes, just so I can have a break from the praise and explore the town. And that day has finally come.

Today, I feinted being ill to convince my guards to allow me to rest in silence in my bedchamber; they’re well aware that I hate being disturbed, especially if I’m not well. Alone, I quickly change out of my royal attire and change into something more casual.

Out of a decorative and brightly colored dress that flares out at the bottom, I put on a simple white dress with a dark green corset tied not too tightly. To cover up my my shining auburn hair, I simply put it into a small ponytail, letting it hang out over my shoulder and down my chest, and throw on a small hooded cloak. I make sure to grab some spending money out of my other dress before leaving.

Ready to go, I sneak out of the hidden emergency exit behind my massive wardrobe; I simply go inside of it and push out the back of it. I descend the stairs, follow a dimly lit dirt path, and exit out of a door that leads into an abandoned alleyway of the town. As a safety measure, this area is under watch by guards. At this time, they’re currently going through the afternoon shift change, so I have just enough time to come out without being spotted. I leave the alleyway and quickly blend into the bustling crowd.

Normally, everything is so precise and actions are excused perfectly. However, that’s always whenever I’ve traveling through town, so it would be understandable if the townsfolk acted differently when they know that I’m coming into town to visit.

As I’m walking around, people take glances at me, but it’s not because they found out through my disguise. Many wave and greet meet with politeness and joy in their voices as if I’m one of them, a commoner.

… Perhaps that came out a bit brash. Nonetheless, it’s rather delightful to be treated this way instead of being showered by affection and compliments. Walking through the town, everybody is easily starting normal conversation with one another, shop owners are conducting trade, and the children are running around playing their little games. It brings a smile to my face.

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