Queen Among the People

While I’m enjoying my sightseeing journey, I stumble upon a sign for a tea house; they’re offering a free sample of a new house brew for every customer who enters. Intrigued, I leisurely make my way through the crowd and enter the tea house. A young, energetic girl in her teenage years approaches me and escorts me to an open table for one.

When I’m seated, she happily offers me a small drink list of all the different drinks and brews the tea house offers, but I politely decline and just ask for the most popular drink on the list. She skips along into what’s most likely the kitchen. I take a brief glance around the tea house and notice just how popular this place is; the entire place is just about filled to capacity, including the large counter area near the kitchen.

I didn’t have to wait long for my drink, as it arrived no more than a minute after the teenage girl left. She placed it in front of be before heading off to service other tables. The small porcelain cup has a gentle heat coming from it; a sweet vanilla and mint scent fill my senses so much that I can taste the tea on my tongue before I even bring it near my lips.

I blow on the surface to let it cool down just a bit before I take my first sip. Just like its aromatic scent, the taste of the vanilla and the cooling sensation from the mint makes for a soothing and tasteful drink; I have to hold back just a bit to prevent myself from chugging it all. All of the tea I’ve tasted while in the castle seem to be below my standard now when compared to this new one.

I allow myself to savor the tea for just a bit longer before I finish up. I wave the girl over to pay for my drink and even ask for a small sample for when I return back to the castle. I also ask for a small creme-filled pastry that compliments the tea; she compliments me for my exquisite sense of taste.

Hearing that brought a smile on my face. It’s a change of pace in terms of the normal compliments I’m used to hearing. She hands me a small paper bag and as I’m heading for the door, I tell her that I’m a personal assistant to the queen herself and that I’ll recommend this tea house to her. The girl quickly comes to a blush and embarrassingly tries to reply, but her words come out jumbled.

When I step out of the tea house, I look up at the clear sky and take a deep breath, the smell of mint lingering on my tongue. I know that I played ill to allow myself some alone time to journey outside of the castle. There’s only a matter of time before a maid comes into my room to check on my condition, thus them finding out that I’m missing. I should return with haste to avoid a possible hunt for me.

However, I must feint again to come back out among the people someday soon. There’s a lot more I would like to see. I also realize that I never got a sample of their new tea brew, but that can wait until next time.

— via Daily Prompt: Exquisite Exquisite

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