Science & Emotions

I will see my work come to fruition with my very eyes!

This magnificent display of human evolution is a beautiful that I shall see; I will see the very next stage of the biological evolution of man: the perfect hybrid from the flesh of man and the capabilities of technology and electricity. I will give birth to the very being that will transcend death and time itself!

The more I gaze upon the being submerged in the fluid, the more I wish that I could have been the one to experience what it would be like to be the test subject, having so much limitless potential. However, if I became the subject, nobody below my status would be able to fully comprehend the complexity behind such a massive project like the way I do. Trying to understand the meaning behind such tasks that I attend to on a weekly basis would make anybody else go insane; I’m the only one who can endure this project’s burden with pride.

When this project is a success, I can use this hybrid to lead the next test subject: myself. I may not be able to have the honor of being the first perfect hybrid, but I will become one without a doubt. Besides, I have already successfully merged some aspects of my body to reach that level.

Behind that glass, lies an average looking girl in her teenage years like any other. Yes, she has skin, bone, blood, and organs that would make her a normal human. However, her entire body has been reinforced, altered, and modified in order to merge and freely manipulate the tech implanted in her; metallic alloys that instantly repair shattered bone, fused white blood cells that can copy and replace damaged cells anywhere in the body and reinforce the surrounding area, and crystalline veins and nerves to allow the circulation of both nutrients and electricity all around the body.

“Perfection inside of a human body…” My thoughts slowly escape my mouth as whispers. “An entirely new being rests behind that glass. It can not be called ‘human,’ ‘android,’ nor ‘cyborg.’”

Inside my testing lab my assistant, Sanage, operates the life support machinery for the moment, making sure that the basic vital signs are within acceptable ranges. Even one point out in a single range can be detrimental or fatal for this project.

As I stand on my podium to look at my creation, I turn around to look at the control panel below to see Sanage hard at work. She is the only person I allow to work by my side; she has proven herself useful to myself and this project. She also has her own purpose for joining me in the endeavor to surpass life and death.

“How’s everything looking on the monitors, Sanage?” I call out to her.

Without even looking up from her station, Sanage gives me a thumps up with one hand and continues typing with the other, “Everything’s in the green, Professor. The subject is asleep and has left REM sleep just a little while ago. She can be woken up at any moment.”

“I expected nothing less from you, Sanage. Continue on.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

I turn back to focus on my sleeping subject.

I can’t wait for you to be complete so we’ll be able to meet in person, my darling little girl.

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