Science & Emotions

As much as I have treated this project as a true experiment for human evolution, seeing this girl behind the glass so much as slowly brought out my maternal instincts. Emotions are best left out of experimenting due to the fact that they can lead to unexpected circumstances, but emotions will bear no effect this late in the process.

It’s time I take a look into her subconscious.

“Sanage, I’m going in to take a dive. Prepare the EMP barrier around this place to prevent any wireless interference.”

After a few keystrokes, Sanage replies, “Barrier up and pumping out at one hundred and fifty percent for extra measure. Oh, and Professor?”

I can hear some embarrassment in Sanage’s voice right when she called out my name. “Yes?”

“C-Could you, um… make it somewhere in her subconscious so that she calls me “Big Sis?”

As stupid as that sounds, that actually made me chuckle a bit. As I insert my fingers into a small computer console in front of me, I shake my head and answer, “I’ll see what I can do.”

I tap the lenses on my glasses and my vision is suddenly blinded by a flash of white light; a powerful electric shock travels through my hand and up into my body, thus beginning my “dive.” My conscious leaves its physical body and travels through the electricity, allowing me to take on my digital self for some time. That’s where I’ll meet my darling little until the time comes…

* * * * *

Everything feels lighter than air. The entire area is enveloped in a white light as far as the eye can see. A relaxing warmth showers over my body. I slowly open my eyes and look down; I’m slowly descending upon a grass field below me. Awaiting my arrival, there’s a girl sitting underneath a cherry blossom tree sitting by herself. Just remaining in the air for a few seconds, I gently touch down and begin walking towards her.

Although I’m walking straight towards her, the girl doesn’t seem to notice me. I wave at her and call out, “Hey! Hey! I’m back!”

The girl doesn’t respond. I speed up my walking and turn it into a light jog. When I get to the tree, I understand why the girl didn’t respond. Propped up against the tree, the girl is soundly asleep.

She must still be a bit tired from yesterday’s examination. Perhaps, I should let her rest just a bit longer so she doesn’t overwork herself.

As I’m watching over her, I let out a loud yawn and feel some energy leaving my body. I look at my wrist watch; a small timer is counting down, the amount of time I have before I’m forced out of the dive and back into my real body. It has roughly three hours remaining when I look. I let out another yawn and decide to lay against the tree.

“This experiment is working me to death… It wouldn’t hurt if I rested myself for a bit too…”

Making myself comfortable, I rest my head back against the tree and close my eyes.

One day, I won’t have to dive in to have moments like this…

— via Daily Prompt: Overworked Overworked

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