Alex & Sam’s Daily Life Synopsis

Following the life of Alexis and Samantha, this comedic slice-of-life details the every day lives of the live-in couple. From talking about what they want to dinner, trying to get rid of a hideaway spider in the bedroom, and even getting locked in the bathroom, this story has a revolving theme every few chapters. Along the way, we’ll learn about how Alex and Sam came to meet, how they deal with daily issues, meet new people, and hope for the best that these two don’t end up losing their common sense.

Every three or four chapter brings up a new issue that the couple deals with or some stupid problem that probably could have been solved in a few minutes. Taking turns talking about their life together, every few chapters also switches between Alexis and Samantha telling it, allowing you to see what goes on from each person’s point of view. Will you really enjoy Alexis’ sarcastic and leadership determiner, or would you favor Samantha’s bubbly, laid back ways?

Alex & Sam’s Daily Life is always ready to read. Check back every few days to see who gets into trouble, or see who has to avoid trouble!


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