Lush Grass/Green Scales

The radiant, blazing sunlight sneaks its way though the foliage of the natural and lush forest rooftops. Rays of light reach the soft and plush grass below, still layered with the dew from sunrise. The various woodland animals have avoided the area for the day, knowing that the beauty of such an environment is the resting place for a dangerous creature. Birds fly overhead, chirping through as a sign of the approaching day; the grass begins to rustle.

Tracks are made in the grass, but not one of a man nor a legged animal that dwells within the forest. A bird’s talon makes no marks and a lion’s paw print isn’t pressed into the grass. Instead, the grass is slowly being pressed down by a slithering creature.

Easily six meters long from the head to the tip of the tail, with a darker shade of green and teal colored scales to help blend into the surroundings, the creature travels through the grass to hide their presence. Approaching a shorter patch of grass, the creature comes to a sudden stop.

“Anything yet?”

A soft, feminine voice speaks from the creature. The creature remains motionless, sensing any vibrations through her body. Nothing coming to her, the woman stands tall, fully revealing herself in the sunlight.

Long, violet colored hair reaches all the way down the woman’s back, reaching where her hips connect to her snake-like body. Her torso is fully shaped like a human woman, possessing the soft and curvacious shapes that would drive any man to sin. Although she’s in the forest around animals in their natural habitat, the woman’s hair is carefully used to cover parts of her body. With green and yellow eyes, the woman quickly scans the area for anybody roaming around.

“Nothing so far,” she whispers to herself. “It’s been a few days since anybody has came through. I’ll have a little snack in the meantime.”

Acquiring food is now the primary goal on the woman’s mind. She take one more look around her surroundings and sees a fully grown adult deer mindlessly walking through just a few meters away. Seeing the well developed deer brings a small grin to the woman’s face. Beginning the hunt, the woman quickly latches to a nearby tree and ascends high into the leaves.

Stealthily navigating from branch to branch, the woman is able to cover a great amount of distance without even the slightest of cracks from weak and small branches. When she reaches the tree that towers over the unsuspecting deer, she goes down to a heavy, thick branch that can easily hold a large amount of weight and coils herself around it. Unraveling just a bit, her tail quietly reaches down for her prey.

As the deer is going about its business, eating away at a spot of grass, the woman coils her tail around the deer’s midsection and, with great force, begins to squeeze the air out of it. Caught off guard and struggling to break free, the deer cries out as it tries to gallop away from danger.

“Oh, no you don’t!”

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