Lush Grass/Green Scales

The woman tightens her squeeze even more, blocking off the deer’s oxygen supply in exact places. To make sure that her prey won’t escape, she lifts up the deer half way up the length of her body and violently slams it into the forest ground, repeating the process as if she was a child playing with a yo-yo toy. She can feel the poor animal’s bones breaking and snapping with every motion.

After multiple windings, the cries of a panicking deer finally come to a stop. Halfway through a wind, the woman unravels her tail and allows the deer’s lifeless body to plummet to the ground. She brings her tail back up to the branch and looks down at the kill.

“I suppose this will ho–”

A sudden voice yells out from the distance, “Hey, I think I heard something over there!”

The woman hears a man yelling out to somebody, telling them to follow behind. After a few steps, two men appear into the woman’s field of view.

Usually, when a creature hears a loud noise, it would be expected of them to suddenly become excited and flee from any approaching danger. However, for the woman, hearing the man makes her excited but for other reasons; a dangerous, menacing smile appears on her face. A few of her fangs gleam in the sunlight.

“Looks like I won’t need a snack after all. I hope they won’t mind being digested whole and alive.”

— via Daily Prompt:Lush

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