Casino? Can See, No.

“Let’s keep it rolling,” I tell him as he starts another round of cards. This time, I’m given two threes back to back, “Marcus, tell me what do I have.”

“A pair of threes.”

I let the dealer pass out one more card to me and it’s a six, so my total so far is twelve. Since more cards have been passed around, this is where the counting comes in.

“What about now.”

“A six, so you have a total of twelve.”

Give him the code word.

“Say, Mr. Boweman. I feel like popping a squat. Should I take a seat?”

My eyes rush over to Marcus as he’s glancing down at my cards. He stares at them for a split second and responds, “Don’t take a squat, Sir. Your legs are fine.”

I nod and play off our quick exchange, “Let’s see… Even though my total is twelve, I feel like I should stop. I’ll pass.”

The dealer nods and plays the next card: a king. “It seems you’ve won again, Mr. Pauling.”

I know. And I’m about to keep winning all night long. Just keep those cards coming.
— via Daily Prompt: Squat

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