Woman in the Mirror (Part 2)

With her bubbly attitude, Yuuka eagerly present me a manila folder, “Here’s the latest collection of applicants for that new study research you wanted to conduct, Ms. Tanamura! All arranged by last name just like you like!”

I take the folder out of her hands and start looking through the contents, “I said I like having it organized by age, not last name.” I take a quick glance at Yuuka.

Her cheeks are a bit red from realizing she made a simple mistake. She starts going off on a long apology stream, “I’m so so so so sorry! That was my mistake and I promise I won’t do it again! Please don’t fire me!”

Part of me feels like she may have the wrong impression about me. Although she’s only been working here for a month, she seems to have a clear perception about me as if she’s been here for years. I should clear that up, “Why would I fire you over something this insignificant? It’s just sorting paperwork. It’s not like you completely screwed up on something.”

“I know I know, but I still don’t like to make mistakes when it comes to being in a professional workplace.”

Just the other day you managed to fall on your face three time in a single day by tripping over nothing. I’m pretty sure you’re prone to make mistakes.

Understanding her morals, I give her a small shrug and pat her on the shoulder, “Mistakes are a part of life. Get use to it. Come take a walk with me.” Finished with my brief moment of advice talk, I walk past her and make my way through the office floor. Just a few steps behind me, I can hear Yuuka’s heels following behind me.

“Where are we going?”

“To check up on a few things. Normally, I’d go by myself, but today I feel like having some company.”

“D-Do you like me, Ms. Tanamura?!”

“Watch it, Yuuka. You’re treading into deep water territory.”

When we reach the end of the office, I swap out my white jacket for the long white lab coat hanging in the coat closet by the elevators; it has the faint smell of chemicals from the last time I wore it. I go a bit further into the closet and grab Yuuka’s, passing it back to her. All prepped, she presses the elevator call button and the doors open immediately.

“Let’s see how my little scapegoat is doing today, shall we?”

* * * * *

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