Pay with Your Blood

Seeing the severed hand made the man’s blood turn icy. He hesitated to look down at his hand, but part of him didn’t want to accept the possibility, the almost certain possibility, that he would be missing a hand. The only thing that clung to the faint sliver of hope was the fact that if he was suddenly without a hand, he didn’t feel the pain of it being pulled off or the lingering muscle pain of where it should be. His mind was occupied with trying to comprehend how everything happened so quickly and his eyes darted around trying to find an explanation. After a moment of searching, he found what he was looking for. Better yet, he heard his explanation.

Next to him, somewhere along the ground, he could hear something raining down on the wooden floor. Without even the slightest movement of his head, the man rolled his gaze down and froze from what he saw. Surrounding his foot was a pool of thick red liquid that slowly grew as more rained down into it. In the corner of his eye, it was able to see where it all was originating from: the open, exposed flesh where his hand use to be.

The man was stuck in a dangerous state of panic mixed with shock. He wanted to scream for his life, but he also wanted to question the mysterious woman how she was able to remove his hand without the slightest of pain. In the middle of his awestruck thoughts, he sense of feeling returns to his arm, surging a hot, pulsing sensation at the remaining portion of is wrist.

“Goddamn it! My fucking hand is gone!”

The severity of the situation hit him when he dropped to his knees and stared at his arm. If he had held it just an inch or two closer, his hand would have been touching his face. The only thing touching him is the blood that kept gushing out from it.

Watching the man scream out, the woman’s face had an aggravated look in her eye, “You humans have always been such fragile creatures. To think that one managed to harm me all those years ago still hurts my pride to this day. However,” the woman stops mid-sentence. Her gaze on the man turned into one a mischievous one, a small gleam appearing in her eye, “you’ll be the first victim of my new world order.”

The woman chuckled, one of her crystal white fangs visible, This is going to be fun.

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