Frisky Frisky [18+]

Her breathing finally slowed down a bit. Almost got worried that she couldn’t catch her breath. Sometimes, I can’t help myself when I’ve able to take the lead.

Feeling her soft and calm breathing on my chest, I ran my fingers through Zoe’s short, tossed around bob-cut hair. The way she has her hair layered always made me forget just how soft and silky it really was; her hair always looked dry at a distance, but it was like a cloud when you actually touch it. It even has a subtle aroma of vanilla. She must have started using my shampoo and conditioner set.

Almost like it’s a built-in reaction to me toying with her hair Zoe started nuzzling her cheek against me and tightened her hold around me. She even let out a small yawn while she did it.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at how out of character she was, “Such a baby, always wanting somebody to take care of you.” Out in public Zoe’s always the one who comes with the plan, taking the lead and making sure everything gets done. If something’s happening but nobody knows what actions to take, she’s the first person to try and think of a solution. But once’s behind closed doors, all she wants is to be pampered like a spoiled brat. In a weird way that’s one of her best qualities. She’s always quick to take charge, but knows when she deserves to be helped first.

With that in mind, I leaned over just a bit to get a look at our bed to see how bad we damaged it tonight. The thin blanket cover was thrown onto the floor, all five of our pillows were put on the other side of the bed for space, and the stained bed sheet is hanging on by the corner. I lean a bit further and saw our clothes all mixed up into a pile on the side of the bed; jeans, shirts, bras and panties, everything came off once we got to the bed. Even my dried-in lipstick stains around the collar of Zoe’s blue and white blouse were visible.

“Oh god, she’s gonna kill me when she gets up,” I whispered. “That was her favorite top. I’ll have to try and wash it out good before she goes home. But I can’t exactly get up with her on top of me.”

I brought my attention back to the knocked out sleeping girlfriend on my chest. The redness in her cheeks finally went back to their palish peach complexion. I wiggled my hips a bit to get a grasp of how tightly she’s really holding on to me. If I moved slow enough, I’d be able to move her arms and slip out from underneath her.

With everything mapped out, I put my plan into action and began to shimmy my way out. Unfortunately for me, everything had to come to a halt when she adjusted her position on me. Before, her legs were straight like a board. Now, since I guess she noticed me moving, she clung to me even tighter and wrapped her legs around mine and wedged her knee between my legs.

Okay, I’m fucked. She’s got me trapped again.

“You’re not planning on going somewhere, are you?”

I was so focused on trying to get out of bed that I didn’t even notice Zoe’s huge, hazel eyes staring directly at me.

“What? Me going somewhere? Of course not. How could I when you’re on top of me?”

“Good,” Zoe said with a small smile, “because we’re still suppose to go another round. I still have some tension to get out.”

Another round? I barely made it past the second round. I knew that there’s no way my body would survive another round of Zoe ravaging me. Hell, I’m lucky I managed to make her get tired. Her sex drive is just too damn high for a normal person like me.

I let out a small sigh and looked back at Zoe, “You got me to finish so many times tonight, and you’ve only finished like once or twice. How many more times will it take before you’re good for the night?”

Zoe wasted no time starting our next session. She put her hands on my breasts and used them as leverage to straddle herself by my waist, “I should be good after one more go.”

“That’s what you said after the first time.”

“Well, I was wrong. So, shut up and let’s get fucking already.”

“Could we start off a bit slower this time? I’m still sensitive all over.”

Zoe completely ignored my words when she started flicking my bare nipples around. There’s no way I was going to be able to keep up.

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