Playing with the Dead

This is bad. This is bad. This is really bad. Why the fuck are we even doing this? I saw those horror movies; nothing good is going to come of this!

I couldn’t even bring myself to look around the room. At least, the parts of the room that was lit from the candles in the middle of the circle. Aside from the little hay doll placed in the center of the red lines drawn on the wooden floor, there wasn’t much around to look at anyways.

Except for my friends.

Each one of us was positioned to stand right on edge of the thickly outlined star met that stretched out and met the circle. There was only three of us altogether. I was the unfortunate one in a game of rock, paper, scissors where I stood at the top of the star, while the other two were closer together.

“Fucking hell,” I mumbled, “if I stand here for another minute, I’m going to lose it. Why did I even agree to come here?”

I didn’t realize just how silent it was in the room until Kayla hissed at me, “Shut up! You’re going to scare them away.”

“We were standing here with our heads down for like ten minutes already! Conjuring up spirits isn’t something we shouldn’t even be thinking about!”

“Nobody begged you to come, Taylor. You wanted to come to help support Rachel, so shut the fuck up and keep quiet until she gets something.”

I broke my end of the conjuring circle and lifted my head. My eyes were met with Kayla’s pale face glowing from the candle beneath her. Even through the dark room anybody could see the bright green in her eyes, almost like she was possessed by a spirit.

When I looked over at Rachel, I couldn’t tell if she had fell asleep standing or if she was just too into the process. Her head was hung down, her hair flipped over and just a few inches from the ground. Honestly though, if she really was dedicated to getting this done tonight, I couldn’t blame her. It was her idea to begin with.: she was the most spiritual person between the three of us.

She just stood there, so motionless and lifeless. When I kept my eyes on her, I realized that she still had the procedure book beneath her. Perhaps she was reading the next step?

Nonetheless, I let out a sigh and nodded at Kayla. She watched me for a moment before she put her head back down. Before I joined back in on the conjuring I saw a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye. When I looked to my right, I felt my heart stop and my blood freeze instantly. Last time I counted, there was only three of us in this room: Kayla, Rachel, and myself. Kayla and Rachel were standing right across from me in plain sight.

I swung my arms back and forth just a bit and I was able to feel the weight of them swinging until they came to a stop.

Okay, My arms are right here, the girls are in front of me with their arms on their side. We’re all here. Then…

I was so lost in hazed thought that I didn’t even noticed when the hand attached to the arm changed from a balled up fist to a single pointing finger.

Hesitantly, I followed where the finger was pointing. My jaw dropped and a scream tried to come up from my throat, but got stuck on its way out. My fingers started twitching, my knees almost buckled and gave out on me.

I wanted to call out to Rachel so bad. So bad. But the sudden shock that came from seeing who was standing behind her kept me frozen.

Conjuring the spirit of Rachel’s deceased father was a bad idea…

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— via Daily Prompt: Conjure

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