Legends of the Dark: Child at Play (Part Five)

Melissa stared me down. I didn’t break eye contact with that little bitch. Right now, a wooden bat was all I had to prevent an outright disaster from happening. As much as I wanted to try and find a much more humane solution, I couldn’t help thinking about dying in the attempt. The fastest and most efficient method to ensure that I’d make it out alive was to take this little “girl” down.

My chest felt like I was still stuck inside of the bush, the pointed branches and razor-thin leaves were still trying to break and mark my skin. The light breeze that rolled through were passing in and out of the holes in my blouse, but I didn’t notice the cool touch for long. My body and mind were acting as one entity. The thought of swinging that bat across her face kept a constant flow of heat and adrenaline to every end of my body.

Melissa’s body cracked and snapped as she positioned herself back onto all-fours. Her monstrous growls continued, stopping once to cough something up. Her spit came out red and thick as a clump of brown fur fell out of her mouth. Seeing that fur reminded me of that little squirrel that became a snack. Any normal person would have spilled up the contents of their stomach from seeing something like that. But for me, and considering the amount of bloody things I’ve witnessed in such a short amount of time, I must have lost my sense of disgust and gained an iron stomach.

Keeping the bat out in front of me, I kept my guard up as Melissa cautiously crawled towards me, a strangle gurgling sound coming from her drooling mouth. The whites of her eyes were non-existent, even from a distance, as the veins in her eyes have enlarged and thickened.

“Come at me, you little bitch,” I mumbled under my breath.

As if she heard me, Melissa let out a growl and came charging straight at me. Despite the unnatural spider-like crawl she did, Melissa was able to move with a frightening amount of speed and agility. As she came towards me, Melissa jumped onto the monkey bars of the playground jungle gym just a few feet away and used it as a springboard to gain more height as she jumped into the air. Her child body blocked out the sun above me, her shadow blanketing me. Her mouth hung wide open, her fangs tinted red with dried blood. Everything seemed to slow down, every second moving like individual frames of a film.

My fingers instinctively tightened around the bat as I went to wind up. I wasn’t going to let this monster out of my sight, and I had to make sure she never got a chance to try and escape. All of my muscles tensed up and my heartbeat started thumping all across my body. Sound became mute for a moment, the only thing I can clearly hear was my own panting breath. Melissa threw her arms out in front of her, wanting to claw at me; she was still height up enough for me to try and get a swing on her. All of the emotions from today—fright, anger, despair, disgust—collected in my hands as I went for the moment.

I let go of the wind up and the bat came flying out. Halfway through the swing, I ended up closing my eyes. Whether it was out of fear or instinct, I wasn’t sure, but I knew that the damage I did was going to be severe. I felt the end of the bat collide with something solid, forcing it to come to a complete stop. Even with the swing done I kept the bat straight out, waiting for a sign that it was safe to bring it down. Nothing happened for a moment, no kind of retaliation from Melissa, but soon sound slowly came back to me. The first thing I picked up was the screeching of a possessed child. My arms brought the bat down to my side and, reluctantly, I looked at the direction the sound was coming from.

Arms and legs flailing around wildly, entire body convulsing on the ground, and her cheek and jaw caved in on the left side of her face, Melissa’s screeches was the only way she could express the obvious amounts of pain she must be enduring.

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