Legends of the Dark – Home Improvement (Part One)

With the idea in mind, I put the sledgehammer down and proceeded to climb the ladder, calling out to Darren that I’d be up top in case he needed me. He shouted back, but it was a bit muffled—he was probably checking out the basement. The first step onto the second floor landing was a bit shaky, the floorboards creaking under my feet. I carefully walked down the hallway, taking a peek into the few rooms that made up the second floor. The doors for the rooms on the right were taken off, each room large and empty and having their wallpapers still up. On the left, the door to the bathroom was barely hanging on by the hinges, unable to hide any privacy a person needed in case they went in there, if there was even a toilet or shower inside to begin with.

I looked at the door and shrugged, deciding to do something with it. I walked up to the door and kicked it, forcing it off of its final hinge. Laughter came out from me, “Man, breaking stuff is so relaxing.” I kicked the door again, using the small steel plating on the front of my boot to kick off the doorknob. The knob went flying off, bouncing off of the ceiling and landing on the back wall of the hallway. I walked over and picked up the knob, seeing the deep dent in the handle and the locking mechanism sticking out. I casually tossed it in my hand as I looked back down the hallway, thinking about what I’d want to accomplish today.

I could hear footsteps coming from nearby. At first I assumed they were Darren’s boots, but I realized that they couldn’t have been—the footsteps were coming from above me, and Darren was downstairs last time I saw him.

“Did I have somebody else scheduled to come work today?” I mumbled to myself. I pulled out my small notepad and flipped a few pages to the scheduling for the next two weeks. On today’s date, only Darren and myself were suppose to be working on the house today. “So who the hell is in the house with us?”

As I was going through my notepad to see if I wrote a note about a sudden shift change, a putrid stench brushed across my nose, wreaking of trash and old meat left out in the sun. I quickly pulled up the edge of my shirt to my nose to try and block out the smell. I looked up above and was surprised by what I saw.

I didn’t notice that hatch to the roof before.

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