Luka’s 2019 Year-End Round-Up

Luka’s 2019 Year-End Round-Up

I honestly don’t know how to start this. At some point of this year, I wasn’t expecting to even have the website up by this time. Hell, I’m actually surprised that I’m even still writing, to be honest. This entire year felt like time was flying by when everything seemed to be going perfectly. And then time came to a sudden halt whenever something stopped me from progressing forward. I’ve had some of my biggest trials and tribulations in my entire life all in the span of twelve months. I’ve seen people blossom and bring forth newly found ambitions and dreams, and I’ve even seen people laying in a still slumber inside of a coffin. Many of the bonds and relationships I have only improved and deepened, and I had to learn to let go of those who weren’t going to help improve myself. I’ve learned when to stand up and become the voice people look to when things get tough, but I also learned when to stay quiet and let a person have to go through their own lessons.

2019 has been a very rough year for everybody, myself included. But surviving another year gives us more time to work on becoming the perfect versions of who we are meant to be. And with that, it’s time to welcome 2020 with our heads high, shoulders back, have no looming regrets over our heads… and to wake up shit-faced drunk. (You don’t have to do that last part, but if you do, good luck!)

Hello again, everybody. I can’t believe this is the final day of the year. I hope you all managed to reach whatever goals and dreams you had set for yourself this year. I know some people were being very ambitious about what they wanted to achieve—some made it, some didn’t. However, regardless if you managed to do everything you’ve wanted or just one thing from your list, every new experience and moment was a new learning experience toward a step in the right direction. Don’t compare yourself to somebody else who’s trying to do the same thing; everybody has their own path to walk.

I know it’s been that way for me this year.

I’ve taken so many chances and gambles on myself that I’m actually surprised that I am where I am right now. Hell, with the amount of work and crazy things that been happening within the last two month alone was one big surprise. Having bounced around from internship to internship and having to fill in on extra days at my day job has kept be busy. But this whole process has helped me focus more on exactly what I want to do with the rest of my life. And hopefully, you guys will still be around to see it come to light. Depending on how the first quarter of 2020 goes, it may be happening sooner than I think. All I can do is keep putting my best foot forward and prove my worth.

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