New Plague City Finally Fell Asleep

New Plague City Finally Fell Asleep

People always came to this city and expect to have the time of their lives—and they do. Everybody stares up at the neon and flashing lights as they walk up and down Broadway, through the dense crowds of tourists and residents, trying to find a show that isn’t already sold out for the next week. Well-known restaurants and eateries filled to the brim and waiting lines that wrapped around street corners, people stopping every few steps to take a photo of a street performer or musician playing requests, tourist bringing the flow to a halt of traffic because they don’t understand the basic rules of walking around in the city—these were all things that were common sights and a daily occurrence to anybody in the city.

Even with the sidewalks crowded with people, the streets themselves were often bumper to bumper with cars trying to get from one place to another. Whether it was a person’s personal car, a yellow cab that charged outrageous fees during rush hour, or even a ride-share with four other strangers in an attempt to save money, cars made up the concrete ocean of the city. A once loud but lively city was the greatest joy for anybody who walked along through the jungle of metal and glass skyscrapers.

And now… it went to sleep.


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