Extra, Extra! I Have Some News for You!

Extra, Extra! I Have Some News for You!

HIYA! ‘Sup, y’all? How yuz be izz?

… I’m sorry, I just wanted to have fun for a moment. Hey, everybody. How are you all doing this fine Thursday afternoon? Did anybody end up buying their own copy of the Black Cat comic I posted about last week? And if you did, how did you enjoy it? Did it match up to the review I did? And if you didn’t don’t worry about it. Comics aren’t for everybody.

Now, let me get straight to the point about this. I have some very, very, VERY exciting news to share with all of you. So, let me start with the most straight-forward one.

I have created a Patreon!

That’s right, Luka’s Notebook is moving on up in the world! My confidence level in my work is starting to rise up, making me feel better about the things I put out. The biggest thing that has made me hesitant in the past about making a Patreon is consistency. You guys know, especially those who have been following my site for a while, that I can sometimes have long breaks in-between posts. I’ve been trying to fix that and sit my ass down at my desk more to work on stuff. And let me tell you. I GOT SHIT DONE. I’m tired of letting you guys down, and now, it’s time for me to prove myself. So, let me get to the details of the Patreon.

But before I get into the main details, I would like to state this.

The final results of stories will still be posted on Luka’s Notebooks main website. Full stories will not be locked behind a pay wall.

If you would like to become a Patron, head over to my page – Luka’s Notebooks. It’s very simple. I currently only have one tier of membership levels. It only $1 and it consists of the following benefits. By becoming a patron, you will have access to all text-based updates to Works-in-Progress (WIPs.) So if I’m working on a story, I will have short snippets posted on there as little teasers about what’s happening. It’s pretty much like going to a concert and seeing the crew set-up before the main show: completely optional, but the same end results for everybody. And the second benefit, which I feel like will be fun for everybody, is the ability to vote for the “Story of the Month.” The story will be consisting of a short story varying between 2,000 and 3,000 words. The theme will be decided based on a majority vote. There will be four different themes to choose from, lasting for five days, giving time for people to cast their vote. Once enough people become patrons, I will allow people to give ideas about a theme either via comments or DMs, and four random ones will be put into a vote. Since August has just begun, the first vote will not begin until September. I know there are not that many benefits to becoming a Patron, and that is one reason why I have it set to $1. Once again, becoming one is purely optional and you can donate whatever amount you would like.

Now. Let me get onto the next, and easily most important part of this update.

I started creating audio stories.

For the last week, I experimented with Text-to-Speech websites to create audio stories for people to listen to. And let me tell you: THEY ARE SO FUCKING FUN TO DO. For the last week I’ve been doing a little fan project as practice with using text-to-speech, using it for dialogue of a story. It’s simple AI voices, so they’re naturally going to sound off and robotic, but it’s been a fun experience. On top of voices, I’ve been adding in music and sound effects to better create a mental image for the audio. The final results is all sound and no visuals, so I tried to add in sound effects for even the smallest detail of the story to try and paint a picture. It takes a lot of time and work to put it all together, but it was such a fun way of me exploring different ways of getting stories out. And it will something I will be doing on an on-going basis. So, be prepared to have audio accompanied with some stories in the future.

As a little demonstration to what I’ve been doing for the last month, here’s the fan project I’ve been working on. I used the game series, Silent Hill, as the main premise. If you’ve played the games before, you’ll quickly catch the connections. If you haven’t, I hope you still enjoy what I got. For the best experience, headphones or earphones are highly recommended while listening.

So, everybody, that’s all I have for the new updates: an official Patreon page and the addition of new audio stories. I have more resources at my disposal now, and I hope to bring out even better stories and content for you guys to enjoy.

Love y’all~

Luka T.

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