The Disappearance of Luka Tatsujo

The Disappearance of Luka Tatsujo

How long has it been since I had a consistent posting schedule? Three, four months? I have a bad feeling that it’s even longer than that, and the thought of that is quite… depressing.

Hey, everybody. How ya doing? How has the New Year been treating you? You staying on track with any resolutions you made, or do you not care about that kind of stuff. I hope you all are doing great. I know reading this suddenly out of the blue is like seeing a ghost right in front of you. And to be honest, I kinda feel like a ghost right now. Or more like an empty shell of who I was. Let me elaborate.

Last year I was on a good path; I had a good schedule going, I was pumping out story after story, after story, and I had a rather regular flow of how things went on with my life and posting on the website. Work was hectic, but it wasn’t too crazy to deal with. But when time went on, stress from work started getting to me, and when I mean that, it hit me like a fucking truck full of cement bricks running me over and backing up just to finish the job.

Extra long hours, extremely short staffed on a daily basis and nothing being done about it, insane workloads that had to get done, managers who lied to try and keep the peace: my job sucks now. I was usually able to block out all of that negative mentality from work and take it easy at home in order to get some writing done. But once I found out that I have new knee issues (now both of my legs are messed up) that just fucked my mind up hard. Once that happened, it made me realize that I’m stuck in a job that I don’t like, and it’s literally making my body break down. My entire body is sore and achy, I always wake up in some kind of pain from working the day before. Let me tell ya this: being stuck in a dead-end job is not the way to go.

I’ve been trying to find jobs that somehow allowed me to use my writing skills to use, but either nothing came up or if I was offered a job, it was some kind of bullshit pyramid scheme I found out through some quick research online. Job hunting nowadays, especially when you don’t have a degree, is heart-breaking.

As time went on, I realized that I didn’t have a drive to write stories anymore; I fell into a mundane routine of waking up, going to work, come home and relax to video games, sleep, repeat. Whenever I did write, it was more of a self-insert about what I would want to do to certain people I didn’t like. I was essentially writing a diary in the form of one-page fiction stories. I had thought about posting them, but I felt like they were all the same and repetitive, and that would be boring really quickly for you guys. Then I started thinking about all of the things I promised to start doing: the Sims 4 comics, the audio stories, using video game screenshots for imagery, etc. And let me just say this. Once I got that new laptop and realized the capabilities I was finally able to do, I got too ambitious. A lot of that stuff takes a lot of time to do, time which I don’t always have. I wanted to do everything at once, and because of it, I burned myself out extremely fast.

I’m sorry for disappointing anybody who was looking forward to that new kind of content.

With the New Year, I too a step back and started reflecting on certain aspects of my life, one of them being the website. Don’t worry, I’m not shutting it down. This thing is here to stay. I’m just… taking a step back to figure out what I want to do. I’m going back to the basics essentially. I started just writing stories, and that’s how I’m going to restart myself.

Right now, I don’t really have that many ideas floating around for anything long, but I will be doing the 100-Word Stories again very soon. As for Sims 4 comics and other things, I’ll shelve those for now. I want to make sure that when I start doing all of that, I actually have the time to dedicate hours or whole days to do them. Every now and then, I’ll pop one out for laughs, but they won’t be scheduled.

I know this is getting a bit long, so I’m going to wrap it up with this.

I’m sorry for my vanishing act for so long. But I’ll be back soon.

Love, Luka.

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