100 Word Story – Guard Duty (Part Two)

All work and no play makes Hiro a dull boy. His last couple shifts with the gang have been boring and lame, nothing exciting happening or anything worth remembering. After being assigned to lookout and guard duty for the one of the main hubs for the gang, Hiro thought he finally had a chance at seeing some action go down.

And yet, even at a place of major importance, nothing went down. All night he stood watch by the front door, watching people walk up and down the streets, couples hand in hand, and crowds of people shouting for fun.

And here he was, leaning on a wall, waiting for somebody or something good to happen.

I dropped the cigarette butt and stomped out the last of its embers, making a black ash mark. Hands in my pocket, I leaned back on the wall and sighed, looking around the street.

“There’s that piece of bread those rats fought for. Fuckin’ idiot rats.”

While I stood there, making up imaginary back stories for the rats, I felt myself tense up, “Shit, I gotta use it.”

Turning and walking through a red velvet door, I walked down a dimly lit corridor until I reached a dance floor.

“Yo, I’m using the bath– what the fuck happened in here?!”

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Copyright © 2022 by Luka Tatsujo

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