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February Note – 2/28/2019

February Note – 2/28/2019

Two months down, ten more to go. It just hit me that March starts tomorrow. This year seems to be flying by already.

Hey, everybody! It’s the one, the only Luka. How is everybody doing this year? Have you been sticking to any New Year’s Resolutions? Did you reach any goals you had set for yourself? Hopefully the universe has been hitting you with some good fortunes and prosperity for the rest of the year. Did anything new happen in February, hopefully things that turned for the better? As for me, this month has been rather… hectic in a certain aspect.

Life at home has more or less been the same: nothing new really happened aside from me getting some more books. I did actually buy a new laptop, so that was something I was really excited about. I can run more programs at once without a hitch and I can game a bit better, so there’s that. But besides that, nothing new has been happening at home. It’s at my day job that’s been going through major changes, and not necessarily for the better, neither.

My body has been immensely sore and tired from the last two weeks, having to pick up some extra slack from work overload. We’re currently in need of extra people to help out, but none has came around and it’s making everybody tense and stressed out. And on top of that, one of the my co-workers that I was close to was let go due to certain circumstances, so that had me pretty bummed for a day or two. People always tell me “you’re young, your body will bounce back.” And honestly, nowadays with the hardships of trying to make a living in high-rent areas, being young doesn’t always mean our bodies can take a large amount of stress before we start to break down. However, I am in the process of trying to find something new more suited to what I want to do, which is write—articles, stories, columns and panels, doesn’t matter. I’ve already applied to a few things this month, but I haven’t heard anything back yet. Let’s hope something sticks and I can move onto something new!

Now, it’s time for the website updates!

There are none. And that’s not even a joke; I don’t really have any new updates coming for the website. Earlier this month, I began updating the tabs and sorting systems for whenever I make a new post. I deleted some categories and created some new ones for when people want to browse through specifics in stories and posts. I’ve also been running through all of my previous posts and updating and changing their tags and categories as well in order to be more in-tune with the new update. I’ll also be doing some light editing of everything as well for little typos and errors I’ve made. I have been thinking about changing the page layout as well to a new template, but that won’t really be occurring within the next month or two, just light changes for now.

As for updates with story works, nothing too big to report. I’m almost done with the Child at Play series and began working on the next horror story. Work has continued on Don’t You Remember? and it will begin new updates starting March 2nd. I just realized that March starts in, like, a day, so I’ll let you guys know in a week if I’ll be doing March Monster Madness again this year. However, if there’s some kind of monthly trend going on for March, I might try to dabble with that instead. Alex and Sam’s Daily Life is still on hiatus, but not for long. And aside from those things, I don’t really have any major projects coming up. I’m trying to limit my workload so I don’t burn myself out too quickly.

Sorry that this Monthly Note was so brief and not too many new things are happening. As always, I would like to thank everybody who takes the time out of their day to read my work, and I appreciate and love every single one of you guys!
Enjoy the rest of your day and be on the lookout for new stories!

Love, Luka.