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February Note – 2/11/2018

February is just underway and everybody’s taking their new year in stride, some keeping their resolutions in tact while some are doing the usual day-by-day method. I’m sure some of you have been keeping up with your favorite shows, novel series, web artists, etc. For those of you who look at my site for new content every few days, I’m deeply sorry that I haven’t been keeping up like I normally have.

For the last week, I came down with the flu (and it was a bad one, too) and I barely left my bed the entire time. The constant headaches, violent coughs sudden colds shivers and volcanic fevers practically had me glued under my blanket. I even had miss an entire week of work. And even though I hate having to do a daily job, I hate missing work because missing even one day hurts my paycheck!Konata Raging

Regardless, I’ll be trying my best to work on a few projects that I’ve been meaning to work on. I actually started a smaller project about Japanese mythology and creatures before i got sick. As an apology for my absence, I’ll share the first page and a half of it as a sample of what I’ve written.

Sorry for being away for so long!