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September Note – 9/29/2018

September Note – 9/29/2018

Hey everybody, Luka here. Back with another Monthly Note, this time, featuring the cooling month of September. Want to know something funny? I completely forgot that Fall officially started on the 22nd. My brain was still stuck in Summer mode. Although, the recent trend of sixty-six degree weather should have given me a hit that it was time for a seasonal change, but it completely flew over my head. And I’m not surprised–this entire month has been one long up-and-down roller-coaster for me. I don’t really like going into too much detail about my personal aches with my day-to-day stuff, so I’ll make it brief.

My job has been becoming one giant stress ball of unrelenting complaints, sudden increases in work load, and an undesired happiness killer. Just thinking about work makes me want to consider if this job is even worth giving up my mental stability. Like, after coming home from work on many occasions, I don’t even feel like writing; I just want to take a shower, eat, and just binge on T.V or play my games so that way I can just shut my brain off. And it’s been hurting my website because of it.

I’ll admit, my posts have been getting more and more spaced out, and shorter in length, and I really do apologize for it. I have a ton of different projects I have lined up that I want you all to read, but I’ve been just taking it slower than usual. And it’s making me feel bad that I’m going so long between updates for current stories and projects. It even reached a point for a bit where I questioned if I should even continue updating the website with new works; I contemplated shutting it down completely.

But don’t worry, I won’t be doing that. For now, I’m just going to try and get myself back to my normal state of mind and writing. I’ll be back to normal in no time.

Now that the boring stuff is gone, I’ll go into small detail about what’s to come. October is just a few days away, and you know what that means. Spooktober is coming back! I’ll be thinking about what kind of stuff I want to do for the month, so I’ll be writing a new post about what to expect for Spooktober in about a week or so, so stay on the lookout for that.

I’m still working on current projects, so what I’m thinking about doing is, instead of making an update for one project on specific days, I may drop a chapter for everything all  in one day. Meaning, I’ll drop a new chapter for three projects all within the same day. I’ll do that once or twice until I feel like everything is up-to-date and ready. The big three project for this are the usual contenders: Alex & Sam’s Daily Life, Don’t You Remember, and Legends of the Dark. I may throw in one more as a bonus, but I’ll think about it.

Now, onto the final topic.

It’s been two years since I first posted stories on my website, and I felt like I’ve grown as a writer since then. For many who don’t know, my very first post was a fan-fiction series of a video game I’ve always played ever since I was a kid. The game series was called Tenchu, and it’s about two ninjas named Rikimaru and Ayame, and it goes through the various kinds of missions they’ve had to do: assassinations, rescues, scouting, things ninjas are usually used for. The story I was working on was focused around these two characters, and two others who were introduced well into the game series’ story-line, while using characters I thought of as well. So what I was thinking about doing is redoing the entire story I’ve done. It would most likely follow the same plot I had in mind, but I feel like the writing would be better and easier to image, considering the number of fight scenes and espionage I had written. It’s not set in stone yet, but it’s something in the back of my mind. In case you’re curious about how I first started out writing, you can check out the Tenchu story anytime by clicking the link, or by going to the Category drop-down list, and clicking “Tenchu” under the “Fan Fiction” section towards the top.

Well, that’s all for this Monthly Note. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email anytime. Sorry for making this one so long.

Enjoy the rest of September, and see you in October!

August Note – 8/26/2018

August has been one hell of a month. It’s officially been a year since I started my job, the summer anime season is about to come to a close, and I have even more books that I bought and still haven’t finished yet. But me complaining isn’t the main reason for these monthly notes.

How have you guys been? Did you enjoy your time in the sun and heat? Personally, I’ve been trying my best to try and stay out of it. Of course, working a delivery job forces me to endure the scorching heat that happens in a city from time-to-time. Speaking of work, I’ve been trying to find a new job for the past few weeks. Sadly, nothing came through, not even interviews. It’s a bit disheartening, but I’m not giving up on trying to find something new. However, I do have a plan in place. I’m working on it, but I’ll keep updates on it.

Now onto the main topic: the writing and website. And I have the perfect thing to start with.

I’m sorry I’ve only been posting the “100 Word Story” posts. I haven’t been making much progress in a couple stories that I’ve been working on. It’s not that I don’t have the drive to continue on, it’s just I’ve been so tired and stressed from work that all I’ve wanted to do was just lie back and take it easy. But even then, that’s still no excuse for the lack of story-work I’ve been meaning to push out, so I’m going to try and get back to my old self.

Next, I haven’t trashed any of the main projects that I’ve posted about, namely “Alex & Sam’s Daily Life” and “Don’t You Remember?” I plan on keeping Alex and Sam going for quite some time and bringing Don’t You Remember to completion. I’m also working on a new horror story that I plan on sharing in a little bit. I just want to make sure it’s going in the right direction before letting you guys read it.

Next on the list is the Patreon thing. I honestly forgot I had a plan for this. I was so focused on trying to find a new job that Patreon became one of the last things on my list. Am I outright saying that I won’t make one? No. I’m sure I’ll eventually set one up, but I feel like I need to be in a better place before making a huge jump to something like that. So for now, don’t expect a Patreon from me.

Is there anything else that I want to touch base on? Nothing major that I can think of. Aside from the fact that I’m going to keep posting stories of any genre and graphic content, both gruesome and on the erotic side, nothing new is really going to happen. I still want to find a good time to rework the search and sidebar categories, so there’s that to look forward to. All in all, I’m trying my best to continue writing new content for you guys to read. And remember, don’t be afraid to email me if you have questions or ideas about things I could try and make the website or content better.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

July Note – 7/24/2018

July Note – 7/24/2018

Hey, everybody. How’s your summer in July been? Went out to the pool and splashed around? Slept under the sun and got a nice sun tan (or sunburn if  you have fair skin?) My own summer has been rather… boring. Nothing but work outside during the heatwave, feeling light-headed under the blazing sun, and having breathing problems form the hot air. But enough about me walking through Hades and back: time for the monthly update!

Now let me start off by saying I’m sorry about not posting so much during July. Most of the stuff I’ve put have been the 100 Word Story things, which is now a new collection I want to do. I’ve also been steadily updating Don’t You Remember, which I do plan on finishing. I’ve just been so tired from work that I’ve just been barely typing up stories to post on the site. I’ve been hand-writing a lot of things, so I’m sure I have a few short thing you guys may like. I just need to spend a day or two typing everything up and making them all look pretty. So, yeah, I’m sorry for the lack of content so far.

Now, onto the major updates. I’m still planning on reworking the tabs and sidebar of the website. I’m thinking about making most of the stories and works be categorized by genre. The only exception to that rule will be series or collections that have multiple chapters, such as Alex and Sam’s Daily Life. I’ve also thought about bringing back Legends of the Dark, so look out for that as well. I’m just thinking about how I should categorize something as a series, like should it be at least five chapters long or three? Just the minor details.

Another update I’m thinking about is setting up a Pateron. I’m a but skeptical about this because I’ve been free-to-read ever since I started the website two years ago. If I do make one, it’ll probably be completely difference series that won’t be posted here, or it may just be bonus scenes for certain stories. I have’t really thought about it, but I want your guys input on the idea.

Final topic is: that’s it. Those are really the two things I wanted to focus on. I’ve been writing a lot offline and just need to spend a day typing things up. I’m also trying to decide what stories I want up. I have dozens of ideas to write out, and many of them seem to be dozens of chapters long, which would only make it longer for me to share them with you guys. Which actually brings up an important question:

Would you guys rather have chapters and stories be posted as soon as they’re finished and possibly wait some time for the next one, or would you rather wait for a bit and then have multiple chapters released at a steady pace? 

Think about that and let me know your thoughts. Feel free to comment or email me directly; I would love to hear form you guys!

June Note – 6/6/2018

It’s weird to see days where the temperature is in the 60s for most of the day. Though, being between 60 and 70 degrees is perfect weather for me. It’s not too hot and nice to have a light jacket if I want it.

Hello to the month of June and hello to y’all, the readers. How you doin’?

Now, for those who have been keeping up with these, I normally save the monthly note for about after the first half of the month is over, when I’ve started posting a bit. But this one is really early into the month, not even the first full week has gone by. Reason being that I have a few ideas on my mind that I wanted to let you all know beforehand, whether or not some of these happen or not.

The first thing on the agenda: Site Change and Update.

When I was looking at the drop-down list on the sidebar of the website, I felt like it was a bit cluttered. There are tabs for thing that only happen at a certain time of year or were only a one-time thing. So, what I was thinking was to change the different options to things being genre specific, while having the major, long term projects to have their own thing as well. I haven’t fully decided on that yet, but I should have the new sidebar in effect by the end of the month.

Second: Posting Frequency and Quantity.

Lately, I’ve found my passion for hand-writing my stories out in notebooks and then typing them up for posting. I feel like I get a lot more of a story put out that way and they’re better quality like this. That being said, I may limit my major posts to about twice a week. For a while, I’ve felt like you guys would want various kinds of things to read throughout the week.

I have a bunch of different story ideas, some already being worked on and some taking the back burner until my work load lightens up, so instead of a weekly schedule, I may do like a monthly schedule. It would let me get out more stories and still give me time to prepare the next chapter, if certain ones are going to be long-term. If I still have a small page or two story to put out, I’ll just do it.

Last: Nothing.

You were expecting there to be a third topic, weren’t to? Well, no for this post. These two topics were on my mind a lot, so I wanted to inform you guys of the possible changes coming, to keep you guys in the loop. Some things aren’t final yet, but they’re in the process of being sorted out. Nonetheless, I will continue to put things out for you all to read whenever you have free time or want to distract yourself from work just like I do.

That’s all for now, everybody. Enjoy the rest of your day!

May Note – 5/21/2018

It’s officially spring, y’all! Do you know what that means? It’s fucking allergy season. Be prepared to hear a whole lot of stuffy nose blowing, dramatic sneezing that can’t be faked, and bloodshot eyes that makes people look demonic.

I personally suffer from year-round allergies, but spring is when it all flares up. And believe me, IT SUCKS.

But enough about snot and boogers. It’s another monthly update, and I’m here just to share my progress on some stuff. First and foremost, I’ve officially started a new erotic story that I plan to update every Saturday, if I manage to get the chapter done by then. For those who haven’t been keeping up with my unusual post releases, The series is called “Don’t You Remember?” and it follows a woman named Sara. After waking up in the bed with a mysterious woman, Sara tries to retrace her footsteps to figure out just what the hell happened and how she ended up there. Yes, it may be a bit cliche, but hey, I’m trying. Part One is ready to read, and Part Two was recently posted on Saturday, May 19th. Feel free to take a look if you’re into that kind of stuff.

Second. I more or less have the next chapter of Alex and Sam finished. I just have to do some editing and change some things around, and it’ll be ready for you guys to read. I’m still trying to figure out if I want to change a few details, not really about Alex and Sam as characters, but more or less about certain details, like where they live and other characters that appear in the story. But I’ll figure that out eventually.

Third, but not too important so this part is extremely short, I’ve been reading a lot more lately, so every now and then I’ll be posting a review of what I read and will be adding the category “Book Reviews” to the drop down list. I’ll try to add a post for every book I finish, if I remember.

Lastly, I know I’ve said this before, but I really do appreciate everybody who comes and visits this my website. I know I’m terrible when it comes to posting stuff on a regular schedule, but I I’m really grateful for all those who read my work. Many of you have also been around ever since I first started gaining followers, so to know that there’s both new people and returning readers is a major lift to confidence in myself. And I want to thank all of you for that. On the same tone, please, don’t be afraid to leave comments, suggestions, or send me emails just saying “Hi” or whatever. I really like hearing about your opinions and any questions you guys may have. However, if I have likes on my stories and nobody going bat-shit crazy over tiny error and grammatical mistakes, I must be doing something, right? I didn’t go to college or anything and I’m more-or-less self-teaching myself grammar, so I’m sure I’m making mistakes left and right. Regardless, don’t be afraid to let me know about things you liked, things you didn’t like, things you want to see more off, etc. In case you want to email me, my contact and social information are here at the Contact Luka page.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day, or night depending on when you’re reading this.

April Note – 4/23/2018

Is it too late to file my taxes?

Well, yes it is. Unless I file for an extension, but even then, I wouldn’t know how to go about it… Wait, ignore all that. Forgot I filed like last week.

Happy April, everybody. I hope your month has been full of cool, spring weather, where all you need is a light jacket when you want to take your casual stroll around town just for the fun of it. The trees are starting to get their bloom sessions started, the sun is staying out longer so now it won’t be dark at four in the afternoon, and the nice breezes are relaxing to be caught in.

Hopefully, for those who have the stressful daily routine of doing the usual nine-to-five grind (or maybe it’s a three-to-eleven, I don’t know your guys’ schedules) haven’t had too much drama or an unwanted increase in workload at the office. As for me, the constant fixing of checking peoples’ work for errors and forced to fix them before they’re sent out to customers is starting to take a toll on me. The increasing volume of a boss gone rouge and mad with power just puts me in a bad mood whenever I hear it, even if I’m not the intended target. The tight, gut-sucking walkways are way more narrow than they should be, making it even harder just to walk around. To sum up: it’s starting to suck way more.

But I need a job, so I gotta deal with it. ‘Tis my tale.

Ok, enough about me complaining. Onward to the writing stuff.

I’ve been experimenting with my style of writing, trying to fine-tune it and figure out exactly how I want to write my stories. I’ve come to notice that I swap between two different styles based on what genre I’m writing, which I don’t think is too bad. As long as I’m able to keep the story moving, I guess it’s okay.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated the more constant series I’ve been working, mostly Alex and Sam’s Daily Life  and Legends of the Dark, and I want to change that either by the end of April or in the beginning of May. I’ve been having a build-up of ideas and it’s time for me to finally put them to paper. So be on the lookout for new updates from them!

I’ve also decided that I’m mostly going to post new things on a Monday-to-Friday basis, trying to keep the weekend posting to a minimum. I’ll still post on Saturdays and Sundays, but probably for like quick drabbles or flash-fiction stuff. I want to use the weekends to better prepare myself for the next week of posting.

Welp, that’s all for now. I hope you all have a smooth sailing through the rest of April!

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