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Monthly Note – 9/30/2019

Monthly Note – 9/30/2019

Luka reached into the back of the freezer and grabbed the frozen cold compress. Realizing that her current outfit—a slightly oversized t-shirt and a pair of blue and black-stripped pajama bottoms—has no pockets. Mumbling under her breath, she took a deep breath and placed the compress between her breasts, using them as temporary pockets.

“Christ,” she whispered, “my tits might turn into cubes by the time I get back to my room.”

Trying to ignore the cold string on her breasts, Luka reached behind her and grabbed her crutches, carefully placing each one under her arms. With a slight hobble from keeping her right leg off of the ground, she took her time heading back down the hallway towards her bedroom.

Goddamn, September has already came to an end. That means fall is about a week or so underway, the Halloween adverts are playing on repeat during commercial breaks and in weekly coupon booklets, and people are bragging about pumpkin-flavored foods. Now, I honestly was never a fan of fall-inspired drinks and foods; I don’t care for it. However, if I see that something has cinnamon in it, I may give it a shot.

That is, of course, I can survive the trip outside. I’ll go into detail about that in a bit, just keep on reading. Continue reading the Monthly Note for September