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You Don’t Know Me – Don’t Judge Writers Based on Page One

You Don’t Know Me – Don’t Judge Writers Based on Page One

Throughout life we all have that moment when somebody tries to judge us based on little to no information about us—they only judge based on face value. We would often get confused about fitting into a certain clique just because we have colorful hair colors or because we’re covered in piercings and tattoos. Hell, we may get lumped into a group just because we’re wearing a shirt with a band logo on it. Sometimes these early judgments are true, but they’re not most of the time. But that’s how life is and we just go about our business.

However, if you’re a writer and somebody tries to judge your work without knowing your history, your style, your flow, and especially without reading more than just the first page, it feels like the most offensive thing in the world. And I personally just had this moment a few days ago after talking to a guy who said I should write psychological instead of horror. Now if I remembered correctly, and I’m pretty sure I did, psychological is a sub-genre of horror. And, on top of that, he made this comment after reading the first page of an action story I wrote, so…

Dude, if you’re reading this, I just want to tell you this: Know your facts before talking shit.

However, this post isn’t to vent or put a person on blast. I just want to help inform people about what NOT to do if they want to approach a writer. Continue reading the article here