Legends of the Dark: Hospital’s Creature Part 4

Ayane turns around and sees Takeshi’s hands shaking as he’s reading the papers, “The way she’s writing about all this… Talking about murdering everybody just for the thrill… Her spirit coming back to finish what she started. With everything that’s been happening, it’s starting to make me believe in all this.”

As Takeshi’s talking, the sound of bare footsteps echos in the hallway. Ayane walks into the hall and flashes the light, somebody’s walking around alone.


The person continues to walk down the hallway, unresponsive to Ayane calling out.

Takeshi, I found Satoru!”

Ayane runs down the hall with Takeshi following behind. They reach the end of the hall and find the person staring straight at the wall. Ayane hesitantly approaches the person, repeatedly calling out Satoru’s name. Just a few steps away, the person slowly turns around.

The front of his hospital gown is stained red, dried blood on his face, arms, and legs. The color drained from his skin. Slouched over, holding onto his side, Satoru gives Ayane a weary smile, “Hey, Sis.”

Ayane runs up to Satoru and grabs him, catching him in a tight embrace, “Damn it, Satoru! Don’t ‘Hey’ me! I was worried about you!”

Satoru gives a weak chuckle and coughs a bit afterward, “Well, I’m still moving.” He looks behind Ayane and notices Takeshi standing there, “You found a boyfriend?”

Now’s not the time to be joking, Satoru. We need to get out of here. something’s happening to the hospital and we nee–”

I know. I saw some crazy long haired woman crawling around.”

Satoru coughs become more deadly and he start wheezing, trying to catch his breath; Ayane comes to his side and wraps her arm around him to make it easier for him to walk. She then looks at Takeshi and nods, “Time go get out of here.”

Takeshi replies, “Right.”

As the everybody slowly makes their way down the hall, the sound of a woman screeching pierces the silence of the hallway. Ayane aims the light at towards the ceiling and sees the crawling woman traveling across the ceiling, heading right for them.

Wielding the ax with both hands, Takeshi readies himself and moves forward a bit, “Ayane, keep that light on this bitch so I can get at her!”


Keeping Satoru close, Ayane manages to act like a stage light, carefully tracking the woman’s movements.

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