Legends of the Dark: Hospital’s Creature Part 4

Satoru lowers his head and remains silent. Ayane shakes Satoru, hoping to get some sense out of him. He coughs even more, this time blood spraying out from his mouth.

My injuries never healed properly,” he finally says. He lifts his head up and looks directly at Ayane, “Doctor’s said I probably wouldn’t make it the next few days before my body gave up. If I’m bound to die anyways, I can at least buy you some time.”

Wh… What are you talking about…?”

That… ‘thing’ eats after it kills somebody. If I lock the door behind me, it will have to–”

Tears begin to swell up in Ayane’s eyes, “Don’t you fucking dare!”

Satoru shakes his head and gathers what remaining strength he has, shoving Ayane to the ground, “I’ll miss you.”

Satoru closes the door and locks it. Ayane gets back on her feet and bangs on the door as hard as she could, calling out to her brother. Instead of hearing her brother’s voice, the crawling woman screeches. Moments later, bones cracking and crushing becomes loud. Tears flow out of Ayane’s eyes as she runs her hand on the door one last time before running off.

With only the flashlight in hand, she runs to the stairs, navigating through each floor until she finds herself back on the first floor. She runs through the halls, past the front desk and towards the front sliding doors. When she gets there, all hope seems lost; the front doors are blocked by chairs and couches used for the first floor waiting room.

The flashlight sliding out of her hand, Ayane drops to her knees, burring her face in her hands. The tears flow even harder. After running through hallways covered in darkness, after seeing so many people die, after going through so much to find her brother, Ayane has lost the will to try and escape. Her body is tired, her mind strained and her will broken. She wipes her tears and sits back, awaiting for her end.

She can hear a woman screaming coming from behind her. Ayane takes a deep breath and closes her eyes; nails creep along, grinding against the floor.

I’m sorry, Satoru… I couldn’t make it.”

Ayane and feel razor sharp nails glide across her face and the palm off a hand right on top of her head. She’s seen enough to know what happens next. Death.


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