Legends of the Dark: Hospital’s Creature Part 4

The woman drops down from the ceiling and charges for Takeshi; he swings the ax down in front of him, going straight for the woman. Nimble, the woman jumps and clings to the wall. Even though she’s missing the one arm that was chopped off earlier, she can still move as if she never lost it. Takeshi brings the ax back up, ready for another attack but the woman lunges at him and shoves him to the ground, knocking the ax out of his hand and sending it across the ground.

Struggling to fend of the woman, Takeshi looks up toward Ayane, “Grab the ax! I’ll try and hold her as best as I can!”

Ayane nods and looks at Satoru, “Satoru, I need you to hold the flashlight!”

I’ll do my best…”

Propping Satoru against the wall, Ayane gives him the flashlight and rushes over to where the ax landed. Due to its weight, she’s forced to hold it with two hands. Satoru tries to hold the light as steady as he could, but it keeps waving from side to side, lighting only a part of Takeshi’s ordeal at a time. Ayane rushes back, ax in hand.

When I push this bitch up, you swing across and chop her ass,” Takeshi commands with a booming voice. Using a great amount of force, he manages to push the woman off of him, sending her onto her back legs, “Now!”

Twisting her body as far as she could Ayane grips the ax and swings across at the exposed woman. The sound of breaking bones rings in everyone’s ears; the woman’s spine snaps half way down her back, allowing her to completely fold back, avoiding the swing of the ax.

Ayane used all of her weight in that swing, causing her body to be thrown off balance. The woman snaps her spine back straight and climbs on top of Takeshi again. This time, her one free hand grabs around his head, tightening her grip around his skull. Before Takeshi can even call out for help, his head is completely crushed in, looking like something squeezed the life out of him through his head, his skull just breaking and cracking from the intense amount of pressure the woman’s grip had.

Fear consuming her, Ayane calls out to Takeshi, but it’s too late. She drops the ax and quickly returns to Satoru’s aid, holding him up again. She carries him a bit as they try to escape from the woman. Ayane takes the flashlight back from Satoru and looks at the woman hovering over Takeshi’s corpse; using the one arm it has, she beings tearing his entire body apart, shredding through his clothing and severing each limb with ease. Once his chest is exposed, the woman leans in closer and moves her hair out of the way, revealing a large mouth with layers of jagged point teeth and begins eating away at the corpse.

Just a few second after eating away at the corpse, a new appendage spews out of where the woman’s arm was cut. An entirely new arm has emerged.

Ayane’s mouth drops open as she watches the woman suddenly regenerate new limbs. Speechless, she turns back around to focus on trying to get out of the Psychiatric Ward. She makes it to the door and opens it with one hand. When she gets it open, something pushes her through the doorway. She turns around and sees Satoru blocking the way back in.

Satoru, what’re you doing?! We can’t kill that thing, we gotta get out of here!”

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