Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – Morning Breakfast

As a way of trying to get my forgiveness for this morning’s event, waking me up on a Sunday like I’m suppose to go work, Sam has decided that she’ll make whatever I want for breakfast. Usually, she has a dream about food right before she wakes up and then goes right into the kitchen and makes it. I already told her that I forgive her, but Sam doesn’t believe me and thinks that I’m just teasing her. I do love teasing her, but I’m not doing it this time.

With all of this deciding power about being able to choose what we eat for breakfast, I have to take some time to think about this. The only thing is, Sam’s sitting right in front of me, wide eyed and on her knees, watching me so intently as if it’s a life or death situation.

I fold my arms under my breasts and look back at her, “What are you doing, Sam?”

“Waiting for your decision.”

“I get that, but do you need to be just a few inches away from my face?”

“You and me kiss all the time. Is it really a problem if we’re just a few inches away?”

Sam puts on that smug smile of hers. I glare hard at her for saying that. I then pluck her on the forehead and lightly nudge her back to give me some more breathing room; she whines a bit and rubs her forehead. After quick moment of play fighting, she asks me again what I want for breakfast.

I run through a few memories of what she tends to make for breakfast: stacks of pancakes, a few sides of bacon and sausages, and bunch of eggs. She doesn’t like to do fancy stuff in the kitchen, but I don’t mind it. So I just shrug and make my decision.

“Just make your usual stuff. I don’t need anything new or too fancy.”

She seems a bit upset at what I said, “Are you sure? I can make you anything. I’ll even go online and look up new morning dishes I can try and make. Pancakes are so boring!”

“But you know you don’t like to make things that takes too long to make because you’re too focused on eating it afterward.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

Knowing what to make for breakfast, Sam springs out of our bed and heads towards the door. She turns around and looks at me one more time, with a bright smile on her face, “I’ll call you when everything’s ready.”

I give a thumbs up as my answer and she leaves the room. Now, by myself in the room, I need to figure out a way to try and pass the time. Our bedroom has a T.V on a small entertainment set, so I can watch that from the bed. When I look at the nightstand, I don’t see the remote. I crawl underneath the blanket to try and find it, but I don’t see it anywhere. I look on the side of the bed and even look underneath the bed, but I still don’t see the remote.

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