Alex & Sam’s Daily Life – You Said Anything with A Clock

I stare a her for a moment and then shake my head, letting her words fly over my head, “Anyways, if you’re not sure, just look up the calendar dates for when Daylight Saving starts and ends. The start date probably means ‘On’ and when it ends should be ‘Off.’”

Sam stares at me with a blank expression; I can tell that she never had the thought of doing that. She quickly pulls her phone out of her pocket and starts swiping through, probably going to her calendar. She’s mumbling to herself, but it’s not loud enough for me to hear it. After a minute of using her phone, she picks the game controller and changes the time on the system.

Dropping the controller and putting on a smug smile, Sam fold her arms and gives a confident nod, “And the world was right again.”

“After you had a small tantrum about trying to change the time on a system.”

“Oh shut up. Now that that’s over, time for the next one.”

Next one? Oh yeah, I forgot…

When Sam moved in, she brought over most of her stuff from overseas: her clothes, dresses, books, everything that was in her bedroom was sent over here. Including all seven of her gaming systems, all of which were more complicated as they became more modern. Hopefully, this won’t take too long…

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