Natural Tranquility

“I finished with my rock breaking training!” Whenever she speaks, she always has so much enthusiasm in her voice. At such a young age she already shows so much promise with her abilities, but she still has a long way to go before mastering them.

“Do you have what I asked for?”

She puts on a beaming smile and reaches into the hidden pocket of her training uniform and produces the item: a small, round rock no better than the palm of her hand. She throws it as hard as she could towards me as if it’s a test of strength.

I catch it with ease and roll it around between my hands, “Your arm exercises are starting to pay off, don’t you agree?”

She gives a simple shrug, “I dunno, maybe. I just spent an entire week breaking rocks and boulders just to make that, so I guess that’s a sign of improvement.”

Smooth surface all around, easily rolls around in the palm of my hands, light but has the density as a larger boulder. She did fine.

I take a few more moments to thoroughly examine the rock. In a split second after finding every perfection with it, I wrap my hand around it and crush it into dust with one hand.

“Hey!” my pupil shouts out in anger. “It took me forever to get something smoothed out like that and you broke it in just one second!”

I stick my hand out from behind the waterfall and let the dust scatter out into the wind, “Everything I do, I do for a purpose. In due time, you will come to understand.”

My young pupil scrunches up her face and folds her arms in annoyance. If she is not willing to allow herself the time to learn about my methods through years of dedication and training, perhaps I can speed up the process.

“Life is filled with both accomplishments and disappointments. This dust is one of those times; you accomplished something great, but disappointment occurred. It is in the past and you must learn to move on. Come up here.”

This is the perfect moment to show her just what I mean. From the very bottom of the stream, she starts climbing on the rock wall behind the waterfall to reach me.

Time to give her a lesson on disappointment.

Right when she reaches where I am, I press my hand right into her face and push her off of the wall, crashing back into the stream below.

“The great achievement of climbing up to me was followed by an even greater disappointment of falling to the water,” I say out loud. I take a deep breath and closes my eyes, getting myself back into a meditative posture with a small smile, “However, I find great calmness in watching you fall as well.”

— via Daily Prompt: Calm Calm

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