Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 9. Base of Operations

“What could possibly make you think she’s part of your ‘family’?”

“She’s always protected me, watched over me… She treats me like a little sister… If something ever happened to me, she’s the first person to try and save me.”

“If that’s true, then why isn’t she here right now trying to save you?”

Akechi turns around and is a bit puzzled when she looks at Kiku again. Kiku has a small smile on her face as she lets her head hang down a bit, “She’ll find me. She always does.”

Akechi lets out a small chuckle and walks back to Kiku, quickly grabbing her by the throat again, cutting off her air supply for a brief moment. Kiku coughs up after getting her breath back.

“You’re so confident that Ayame will come to your rescue. Perhaps I should speed up the reunion between you two. However…” Akechi uses one finger and lifts Kiku’s head up by the chin so that they’re both looking at each other in the eye. A demonic smile on her face and a faint red light coming from her eye, Akechi finishes her sentence, “However, we’re doing it on my terms.”

* * * * *

A narrow dirt path leads through through the forest, lit by the rising moon in the sky. With their mission completed, the pair of Rin and Tesshu slowly walk down the path, unknown of where it leads. However, the main reason why they’re traveling down the path is simple.

When Rin and Tesshu returned to Gohda territory from their last mission, they found a note left specifically for them on the front gate with directions. Those same direction instructed them to meet up with Rikimaru and Ayame at very precise location hidden somewhere in the forest. After scaling through high tree tops, crossing a rushing river, and passing through dense brush, Rin and Tesshu find themselves on the dirt path.

As they walk down a bend in the path, Tesshu takes the note out of one of his hidden pockets and carefully looks over the note, skeptic about the true intentions of those who left it, “Are we really sure that the Azuma are the ones who left this note behind?”

Leisurely walking next to Tesshu, Rin has her arms folded behind her head in a relaxed demeanor, “I can’t think of anybody else who would do something like that. I mean, the note leads somewhere still within Gohda territory, right?”

Tesshu looks at Rin for a moment, then back at the note, pointing out one key detail missing from it, “This note doesn’t even specify that you and I are the ones suppose to going to this location. If it was an enemy ambush, they obviously wouldn’t know our names.” Tesshu folds the note back up and puts it away.

Taking that into consideration, Rin brings her arms down and stiffens her walk, “You may be right now that I think about it.”

“It would at least be best for us not to drop our guard just yet until we know who’s waiting for us.”

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