Tenchu: Shadows of Azuma – 9. Base of Operations

Rin jumps in for a quick clarification, “A place to give out special assignments, such like assassinations?”

“Yes. However, due to the fact that Ayame and I are the last remaining of the Azuma, Lord Gohda felt it unnecessary to travel out here to pass along such assignment, so this place was quickly left alone. Due to our current circumstances, he believed that Ayme, the both of you, and myself would find some kind of use out of this area using it as our own gathering area.”

Tesshu crosses his arms as he talks, “It’s also more convenient for Rin and I to meet you and Ayame here since we can’t really step foot into Gohda Castle.”

“That was also brought into consideration as to using this area. Since Ayame and I already patrol this territory on a nightly basis, it would be more convenient for us as well. However, that is enough talk about this place.”

Everybody stays silent for a moment, a thick tension filling the air. Knowing what the next topic is going to be, Tesshu reaches into his hidden pocket and pulls out a folded piece of paper. As for Rin, she reaches for a small sack tied to her waist. Rikimaru begins speaking again.

“What did you two find out from the last mission?”

Tesshu shares his findings first, “The port town was full of Akechi guards roaming around. It seems like they were established there for quite some time.”

“Were you able to find that former Akechi ninja you told us about?”

“Yes. It was a kunoichi. She disguised herself as one of the civilians and was able to hide herself for a while, but it seemed like her luck ran out. When I found her, she had killed two guards that were conducting home inspections. She was attempting to leave the town and escape somewhere. She gave me something before she left.”

Tesshu reaches over the bonfire and passes the folded paper to Rikimaru.

“I decided to wait before reading its contents. Since this is a matter with Gohda and the Azuma, it would make more sense if you and Ayame saw it first.”

Rikimaru unfolds the paper and takes a moment to look over its contents.

“It seems like the risk of going into enemy territory paid off. This is a key item we need to locate the Akechi main territory.” Rikimaru looks up from the note and focuses on Rin, “Were you able to acquire anything from one of the ships?”

Rin holds up the sack and lightly shakes it; a loud rattling sound comes off from the sack, “Yeah. There were a bunch of things I found on a new crate, but I was only able to bring whatever I could manage. Didn’t want to get slowed down from having too much.”


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