Next Apartment Over

A yawn came out before words, “Can’t you see I’m trying to get some sleep?”

Two figures stood in the hallway; one taller than the other. Hikaru, being the shorter of the two, had a bright smile on her face when she saw the taller figure walk out of the room, “C’mon, it’s too early to be sleeping!”

Without a second thought, Hikaru drove head first into the figure, forcing both of them to crash into the waxed wooded floor. Hikaru was on the safe end of the fall, as she fell right on top of her sister face first between her ampule bosom; Hikaru takes a moment to enjoy the soft feel of breasts tucked underneath a white tank top. Energized, she sits up and props herself up to get a look at her sister.

One of the tank top straps have slid down half way from falling and the bottom is just above her naval. Camouflage style boy shorts are tied tightly around her waist to prevent from falling. Short, jet black hair with a hint of indigo tossed around from sleeping. With a hazy stare at Hikaru, the elder sister Aiko Yoshida let out a yawn.

“What are you doing here, Hi-chan…? Don’t you know what time it is…?”

Out of confusion, Hikaru propped herself against Aiko’s chest and tilted her head, “It’s just after ten at night, isn’t it?”

“It’s past midnight… Besides, don’t you have class tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow’s Saturday, so I don’t have to wake up in the morning.” A devilish grin slowly formed on Hikaru’s face as she adjusted her position; she moved down just a bit, mounting Aiko by her hips. “Which means I can be up ALL night long.”

Sarcastically, Aiko gave a thumbs up and yawns again, “Good for you. Well, I’m tired so I would like to go back to sleep. Now, if you don’t mind moving so I can crawl back into bed.”

A pouted face and fading joy, Hikaru brought her hips up just enough so that Aiko and shimmy her way out and back to her feet. Aiko heads straight for the bedroom, Hikaru quietly following behind her.

“Do you have to work tomorrow, Oneechan?” Hikaru politely asked.

“A bit. I don’t have to go to the office, but I have some work to finish on my laptop.”

Before Aiko could enter the room, Hikaru rushed in front of her and blocked the doorway with her arms spread wide, “But it’s the weekend! You can wait until Sunday to finish working!” With her next few words in thought, an embarrassed and blushing look took over Hikaru’s face. “Besides, I haven’t seen you all week. I started to feel a bit… lonely.”

Hikaru’s words didn’t seem to have any affect on Aiko, “We live right next to each other.”

“I know, but still! I missing being under you all the time.” Subconsciously, Hikaru moved closer to Aiko and wrapped her arms around her in a tight embrace. “It’s been a week since I felt your hugs around me. It’s been a week since I’ve been able to smell your usual vanilla-cinnamon scent. I missed the way you would pet my head whenever we cuddled up in bed together…” Hikaru’s grip grew tighter as if she was afraid of losing her beloved Aiko. “I missed you.”

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