Next Apartment Over

Even though her exhausted gaze, Aiko was able to see the longing and desire Hikaru had for her from this past week. Through a grueling work week that cost her much deserved sleep, Aiko too had a deep longing for her Hikaru; she lifted Hikaru’s chin, making her blushing face look directly at one another. “Do you mean that, Hikaru?” Aiko calmly questioned. “Did you really miss all of that over an entire week?”

“I did… Is it a bad thing?”

Aiko let out a small sigh and shook her head as ran her fingers through the silky feel of Hikaru’s hair. “It’s not a bad thing. You may be a bit clingy, but it’s not a bad thing.” A caring smile appeared on Aiko’s face. “You’re clingy, loud, aggressive, and usually try to get your way, but that’s why I love you.”

Hearing those words made Hikaru take a moment to think, “… I’m not aggressive.”

Having the romantic and emotional moment come to an abrupt end, Aiko rolled her eyes and plucked Hikaru in her forehead, “I said all that and the only thing you heard was the part about being aggressive?”

“No! I heard all of it! You said that I was ‘clingy, loud, aggressive, and usually try to get in your way.’ But that’s not the thing I’m focusing on.”

Using the tip of her toes for extra height, Hikaru plated a genuine, tender kiss on Aiko’s cheek. Hikaru’s face turned completely read afterward as she finished what she wanted to say, “You said ‘I love you.’”

Embarrassment rushed through Aiko’s flustered thoughts and she broke eye contact, “See, this is what I mean by aggressive. Geez, I’m the older one, yet you’re leading me in the relationship…”

Hikaru grinned, “Yup! So now, you’re gonna follow me to the bed. You’re tired and you need your sleep. And I’m going to be laying right next to you.” Full of pride, Hikaru turns around and made her way into the bedroom.

Aiko let out a sigh and followed, closing the door right behind her, “That’s what I was trying to do before you got here.

— End

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